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Adapting to each situation and excelling is the true mark of an artist: Raveena Mehta

Singer Raveena Mehta

Achieving an enviable record of over 25 million views, singer Raveena Mehta believes that adapting to each situation and excelling is the true mark of an independent artist.

2020 has been a very tough year for us all, due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite multiple restrictions, thanks to YouTube, Spotify, JioSaavn, and similar platforms, it can still be called a year when our country’s independent artists got an opportunity to showcase their talent.

One such impeccable artist is Singer Raveena Mehta, who contributed to the music industry with five-hit music videos. Some being previously shot to shooting at her home, she has done it all to present to her fans some melodic masterpieces.

“Being an independent artist myself, I understand that we have to always keep up with the music trends and keep producing new content to ensure that our fans are entertained at all times. The pandemic was a tough time for us all, but I ensured that I should do something productive so that I keep myself busy and at the same time ensure that my fans are well entertained. I still remember while working for Rishi Rich’s music video ‘Jab Tu Hahi Wahi’, we had to shoot the video at my home while ensuring that all the SOP were followed to ensure social distancing and least contact with the crew”, said singer Raveena Mehta.

Her most recent masterpiece ‘Keh Na Saku’ has garnered more than 1M views, in spite of being an independent release. This music video is the official female version of Rahul Jain’s heartfelt composition released earlier this year. Raveena is very grateful to her fans and all the wonderful artists she has collaborated with. Her previous work in 2020 includes working with well-adorned artists like Avitesh Shrivastava, Rishi Rich, Rishabh Kant, Asad Shabbir, and now Rahul Jain. She has received an overall of 25M views and is excited to share with her fans the 2021 lineup.


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