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There is a difference between being funny and offending your audience: Rohit Gupta

YouTuber Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta is a content creator by himself and his mantra is, “I like to keep it real.” And so does he, by keeping his creativity within bounds.

“Every video that you see on my social media platforms is written, edited, and made by me. I don’t have a team for concept creation. I like to keep my concepts very relatable. Most of my videos are on situations and incidents that people deal with on most days, which is why they find it funny” says Rohit Gupta.

Apart from being the most-watched YouTuber on Internet, Rohit Gupta calls himself an artist who loves to create content which most people relate to.

His USP lies in packaging normal situation in the most hilarious way which leads to his loyal fan base “I like to keep it real. I keep the situation real and change the packaging of it” says Rohit.

However, Rohit Gupta maintains the decency of the content “You have to be very careful. There is a difference between being funny and offending your audience. You have to know where to draw that line”

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