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Faqeer digital music journey

HRISH TANDON IS NOW ‘FAQEER’ The T-series Pop Chartbuster ‘Phir Se Wahi’ artist Rishabh Tandon who performed under the alias name Hrish Tandon, is back to the world of music and is ready to start his journey as FAQEER – Living Limitless. All artists have their own journey that moulds their unique story. And so has Rishabh Tandon, an artist…

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Rockstar - movie review
Rockstar is the journey of a boy - who leaves behind Janardan to become Jordan; who traverses the highs and lows of life – from simple naivete to tortured soul, from the pleasure of unaffected friendship to the torment of unrequited love, from the campus in Delhi to the international stage. Rockstar movie review.. Janardan (Ranbir Kapoor), born and brought up in the very middle class locality of Pitampura in Delhi, has a larger than life dream – of being a rockstar like Jim Morrison! But all he gets from his reluctant audience is ridicule and humiliation. As a young boy, (Janardan ) now renamed as Jordan used to spend most of his day with the owner of a music shop in Delhi. Each day he would pick the same acoustic guitar and spend hours trying to understand its intricacies. After Janardan fails twice in the same class in college; his elder brother forces him to quit college ....
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