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Raghu CNG movie review
A simple auto-richshaw driver turns into a psychopath killer and a kidnapper. Raghu CNG is the thriller Gujarati film that begins with this ordinary looking auto rickshaw driver turn into a maniac with cold bloodily crushing another individual to death with a stone. Full credit is to be given to the writers Jay Parmar and Sanjay Marvaniya to have penned a gripping thriller. More so to the director Vishal Vada Vala for giving the right treatment to this gradually picking up suspense thriller. And more so because it is one of the rare Gujarati films to have explored this genre. Dhawal is a young businessman who is kidnapped and tortured by the rickshaw driver Raghu (Ethan). While the Police is investigating into the kidnapping case, they are ridden with another kidnapping of a US-return lady who is also reported missing from the station of a small town near Rajkot. While the vi ....
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Vishal Vada Vala

“Raghu CNG is an attempt to try a suspense-thriller that would be a milestone in the Gujarati film industry,” revealed Vishal Vada Vala, the writer and director of this upcoming Gujarati film. Gracious to admit that his earlier movie ‘Fillam’ in 2015 received a lukewarm response at the Box Office, this budding director wants to exploit the digital format too,…

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