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Bedaad on Talkiez OTT platform
Bedaad is a psycho-Thriller, a work of fiction inspired by short stories written by Anil Ramchandra Sharma that is streaming on TALKIEZ a new OTT platform launched on our 75th Independence Day. The web series attempts to unmask the so called respected who are supposedly leading an ideal life in the eyes of our society. Beginning with being felicitated with Best Couple of the Year - Adi Doctor by profession and his wife Apurva are confronted by a psychopath who traps them in their own house. During the course of experiencing being held as hostage in their own home, the couple begins to doubt each other about their past. While the wife thinks that the psychopath is either her husband's patient or has something to do about his past, the doctor doubts if the psycho is connected to his wife's past. The game of wits and one-upmanship takes place when the cops on duty reach their house. I ....
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Dhananjay Galani

Dhananjay Galani of Dhananjay Galani Production that is into Films production, Distribution and Promotion is extremely optimistic about the return of audiences to cinema halls once the pandemic fears are over. “Though the frenzy of audience thronging the theatres on the opening weekend might be a tad lower compared to pre-lockdown era, I am very certain that the cinema halls…

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