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Rumy Jafry, Krystle Dsouza and Emraan Hashmi on location of CHEHRE

It is a sign of great times that Bollywood filmmakers try and experiment with different subject and themes. What is different in the present times is that producers and directors are willing to put in huge money and rope in A grade actors in films belonging to unchartered territory. The latest work is that of writer-director Rumy Jafry who is…

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Jannat, movie review
Jannat is the story of a reckless youngster trapped in sticky situation of crime and dreaming big as he struggles to find heaven on earth. Arjun (Emran Hashmi) is a carefree young man, unhappy with his middle class environment and cherishes dreams to make big money in short time. Supplying fake merchandise to boutique stores is his profession. Having luck at card games, and being a compulsive gambler, he then goes on to bigger form of gambling leading him to a syndicate of international betting on cricket matches. Also, this fearless gambler woos and romances his lady love in style. At a shopping centre Arjun falls in love at first sight with Zoya (Sonal Chauhan) who is a call centre executive. While admiring a diamond ring, Zoya's loses interest in the ring on seeing its price tag. She moves on. Arjun all the while watching her, smashes the glass to fetch the ring, in the proce ....
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