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Dilwale - movie review
Dilwale is a one-fourth of DDLJ in its name and the entertainment content. A predictable story line, the film relies much on SRK’s shoulders. To make the matters worse, the film’s promos reminisce the viewer of the hit pair of DDLJ and this comparison makes it worse, as the lead couple lacks the freshness and charm of Raj and Simran of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Raj (Shahrukh Khan) gets up from a nightmare from his past. He is a docile do-gooder who resides with his younger brother Veer (Varun Dhawan) on whom he dotes on and would go any distance to keep his wishes as he had promised their father Randhir (Vinod Khanna - a haggard) that he will take good care of him. Raj and Veer are settled in Goa, while the elder bro is easygoing, introvert and philanthropic, his brother is outgoing with a roving eye for all ‘things beautiful’. One day Veer, while on a car delivery bumps i ....
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Kriti Sanon Happy

Kriti Sanon has been spotted recently wearing a Happy T-shirt and that has a reason. The pretty actress has been looking prettier as she has been smiling from cheek to cheek off lately and that has a reason behind it. Here are 5 possible reasons that make Kriti Sanon happy. Best Debut-Female : Bollywood’s new found talent has 2015 awarding…

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