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Mirza Juuliet Upcoming film

Is it love?  Mirza Juuliet… read on… There is love and there is marriage, no point confusing one with the other says Rajesh Ram Singh, the director of MIRZA JUULIET. He says the emotions are so strong in the passion of love that it is very difficult to recognize what you are really going through. Perhaps to love or not to…

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Mary Kom Hindi film review
The much awaited bio-pic on 5 times world amateur boxing champion in her weight category - MARY KOM is out now. Mary Kom, the film begins with Mary (played by Priyanka Chopra). Why does she have to have freckles on her face, is difficult to fathom. Fighting it out for her friend, beating a grown up boy and excitedly barging in a Boxing academy where she pleads the coach to train her. In a true guru style, the coach M. Narjit Singh (played by Sunil Thapa) tests her patience and is ultimately won over by her commitment. The movie continues lucidly and it is shown that the zealous student fighter is chosen for her first national championships, which she wins with ease. Then on to getaway pastures of international championships where she brings glory to the country. Then the inevitable happens and she falls in love, and promptly after winn ....
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