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Extraction - Netflix

Another web offering by Netflix from their originals stable is Extraction. Extraction has been creating quite a buzz in the last month or so since its release. Promoted heavily on T.V. Channels, a genuine entertainer in Covid times is Extraction. Now a days the things that are being dished out on the web or the OTT platform in the form…

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Avengers - Infinity war movie review
Avengers - Infinity war - the much awaited Avengers movie for which Marvel had created such hype is finally here. Review by PAW GUPTA   One of the most expensive Avenger movie, Infinity war can draw parallels with the last X-Men movie Apoclypse which had the similar theme of one man out to rule the universe and our super-heroes forming a formidable resistance to the same. Here the super-villain 'Thanos' is out in search of the 6 Infinity stones which were created when the Universe was created at the time of big bang. He has a simple philosophy 'annihilate 50% of all civilizations in the universe to create a balance so that the other 50% can live on the given resources'. Though some may feel it is a noble cause, and his character is shown to have some emotions unlike usually assumed as an out-and-out brute in Infinity war. Looks like a distant human ....
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