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Ford vs Ferrari on Star Movies this November

Aditya Singh Rajput is all set to feature in Tumpe Marna Hai, that is a highly charged up emotional music video along with Shweta Kothari for Zee Music. Popular Television actor and a favourite among the social media circles, Aditya Singh Rajput has just wrapped shooting a cute music video during the unlocking period of the Covid-19 pandemic. “I he…

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Krantiveer, movie review
The original Krantiveer, released almost a decade ago had Nana Patekar and Dimple Kapadia. Now, this called as Krantiveer - The Revolution, is a sequel to it which is socially and politically relevant today. Krantiveer - the revolution - movie review... Its time to free the country of violence, terrorism and corruption. This story begins where the first Krantiveer ends and this time it’s about the revolution that concerns the younger generation and is all about the power game that power drunk people are interested in. The film dares to blow lid off the issues that are disturbing the society. It is about the young fiery protagonist Roshni (introducing Jahan Bloch), who is the screen daughter of Dimple and Nana. The last time around, we rooted out the devils that came from across the seas. Now the demons are within. And they are more vicious and wicked. We need to fight them wit ....
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