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Sudhir Tandel announces his next venture – PICNIC POINT

Picnic Point movie launch

Writer-Director Sudhir Durlabh Tandel announced the launch of his comedy-horror-thriller film PICNIC POINT at a press conference held in Mumbai. The film is about a group of students who go on a picnic that is led by a lively professor of their college, but this outing in without the permission of the principal of the college.

Sudhir has directed several films earlier – Aatank (Gujarati), Turning Point (Hindi) and is working on the production of Revenge of Crime. “In the absence of receiving any official permission from the college principal, a joyful and lively professor sportingly leads his group of selected college students to a picnic. Incidentally, the group lands up in staying overnight in a haunted villa in a remote place in the outskirts of the city. This is when the fun, scare, horror and suspense builds up in the story,” reveals the director of Picnic Point.

“It is the tantrik residing in the Haveli who wants to sell off this old villa but has to face several stumbling blocks with the arrival of this young college group,” mentioned the director.

Actor Deepak Verma who is seen in innumerable films such as Salman Khan’s Bodyguard, Dishoom, Toonpur ka Superhero and Drona amidst many other says, “I play the role of a photographer who is an assistant to the Inspector in Charge and unknowingly the pics shot by me lead to a string of leads which helps the investigating officer to solve the mystery.”

The peppy Kajal Verma plays a lead character in the film Picnic Point. She is in love with a boy, unknown to him, and unknown to her she is being admired by the antagonist of the film who is also one of the students on this outing. “This film is sure to be lapped up by the youth of today as the incidents are so realistic that it could happen to any group of students going out on an overnight trip,” says this actress who has also acted in a music video that is dedicated to the armed forces.

“There are 3 songs in Picnic Point. One of them is a haunting song which is sure to be in the minds of the listener, while the other two are romantic numbers. The love songs which are written by Sanjay Mishra which are in line with the current trend and surely to be a hit with the current generation,” revealed the music director Shivram Parmar.

Veteran actor from Madhya Pradesh Raja Kapse plays the funny professor says, “One should live life for today, be happy and have fun. Today’s life is full of stress and there is a beautiful message at the end of the film.”

Picnic Point goes on floors in August and is expected to release around the end of the years, as revealed by the publicist P C Kapadia.

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