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Stand-up comedian-artiste Krishna Abhishek turns singer for his film ‘O Pushpa I hate tears’

Krishna Abhishek turns singer

Krishna Abhishek gained popularity as a stand-up comedian which led to fetching him offers for acting in films. Having won the hearts of people in stand-up comedy and other comedy reality shows, Krishna has acted in several films having proven his proficiency in both skills. Krish Abhishek now turns into a singer for his upcoming film O PUSHPA I HATE TEARS which is a comedy-romance film.

Produced by Amulya Das and directed by Kapur Dinkar, produced under the banner Films@50, ‘O Pushpa I hate tears’ launched its music at a suburban studio in Mumbai.

“There are a total of 5 songs in the film including a title track which is sung by Krishna Abhishek. To my surprise the actor did so well that we okay-ed the song in the first take itself. Krishna and Mamta Soni rendered the duet as the film title track,” announced Ram Gulati the music director of this film which stars Krishna Abhishek, South star Jayaram Karthik and the debutante Aadya Thakur.

The film’s publicist Raju Kariya revealed that it is co-produced by Ratan Mani, written by Aadesh K Arjun, cinematography by Ashutosh Panda, lyrics penned by Kumar Juneja and Mac, art director Dev and line producers are Raja Sarve and JP.

Taking a brief time off from his recording, Krishna Abhishek interacted with Filmy Town’s query that was he done with acting and and comedy having reached its heights, that prodded him to take this step in a new direction of singing to which he replied, “Since my childhood I was obsessed with acting and singing Bollywood songs. I would apprise you that my maternal grandfather (who also happens to be my actor-uncle Govinda’s father) was a famed actor in the 50s in Bollywood. You would be surprised to hear that my grandfather got a break in the master director Mehboob Khan’s (of ‘Mother India’ fame) film ‘Aurat’ and had acted in several films subsequently. My maternal grandmother was a noted classical singer. My maternal uncle (Mama) Govinda is an accomplished actor and a fabulous singer. His brother Keertikumar (of ‘Hatya’ fame) is a fine director and an actor. This shows that acting and singing runs in my blood. Therefore when producer and director approached me with a proposal of singing this song I grabbed the opportunity.”

So here is Krishna Abhishek, the nephew of superstar Govinda, famous for his comic capers on small screen and has also acted in Hindi and Bhojpuri films.

“I play a determinded stubborn girl who gets married and then life takes a U turn in this girl’s marriage with her husband (Jayram Karthik). She is contemplating of a divorce when she is guided by a friend not to do so and take sorrow out of her life which leads to comic situations in her life,” says the cute and intellectual Aadya Thakur who is actually a Software Engineer and currently pursuing her MBA studies in Kolkata.

‘O Pushpa I Hate Tears’ stars Krishna Abhishek, newcomer Aadya Thakur, South Indian star Karthik Jairam in the main lead.

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