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Shahbaz Khan, Riyaz Khan starrer DAKHILA announced

Dakhila film announcement

Riyaz Khan, the notable actor in Malayalam and Tamil cinema and Shahbaz Khan who has several Bollywood hits like Singh Saab the Great, Agent Vinod, Jaal:The Trap and Veer play the pivotal characters in this crime-action film ‘Dakhila’.

DAKHILA film producers Chandrashekhar SK and Rajesh Mugullu and writer-director Ajit Varma were ecstatic about their ‘New Venture’ which is presented under the banner of Tirupati Productions and Aaraat Entertainments.

Present at the announcement event were the cast of the film Surya Dev Malik, Raj Chohan, South Star Suchitra Bannerji Sandip Bhardwj, Supriya Karnik and Rajpal Yadav.

The entire cast of the film and other Bollywood celebs present along with Shahbaz Khan, South Star Riyaz Khan, who is playing the central character along with new find Surya Dev Malik, Ashok Beniwal, Supriya Karnik, Shaku Rana Kulwant Singh, Asif Ali, Manish Khanna and Shiraz Mustafa.

Ajit Verma writer-director said, “Dakhila delves into the subject that the judiciary doesn’t consider that when a criminal resorts to crime for the first time, the courts impose various clauses of the IPC and imprisons him. In such cases it could be an innocent person unknowingly or unwillingly having committed an offence could reform himself if the courts and prison authorities take a lenient view. But when this person serves his sentence in the jails, he comes in touch with hardened criminals who motivate him to proceed further on criminal lines and there is no scope of this individual reforming himself.”

Shahbaz Khan plays a strong negative character Fazal Khan in Dakhila. “He is a mafia don who runs his empire, controls politicians and crime world from within the prison. This story will definitely relate to the aam junta. Right from the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata there existed good and the evil. At times good overpowers the evil and there is ‘Ramrajya’ for a while. Then evil takes over the good till it reaches a level that again good overpowers evil. This is an universal cycle,” observed Shabaz.

Riyaz Khan has done more than 300 films in Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam and Kannada. Has won 2 state awards from the Tamil Nadu government. He plays the investigation in-charge cop in Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’. Riyaz revels about his character in Dakhila, “I play an encounter cop Qureshi who has no rules. A tough person,” mentions Riyaz adding, “An actor is like water. He fits into any vessel and any form and place but in India once an actor wins accolades for his performance in a particular role, usually he is typecast in similar roles as the filmmakers and the audiences too would like him to do so.”

Rajesh Mugullu of Mugullu Films Pvt Ltd says, “Shooting of Dakhila would resume in May and the film is expected to release sometime in August-September this year itself. It is because of the system and the circumstances that once you get into the criminal world, it is very hard for a person to come out, howsoever he tries to reform himself, he is driven back to criminal’s life. Like a person is taken to hospital and then discharged after he becomes well, likewise I wish the prisons can be such an institution where the criminal should be taught to reform himself and given a second chance of leading a normal life.”

Chandrasekhar SK, the producer talks about his debut in Bollywood film production, “We want to convey to the courts and authorities for a need to have a re-think on the criminal laws. We are planning to produce a couple of movies every year where each of them would be a bilingual release.”

Director of Photography is Manoj Goswami and Action by Mahendra Varma. The publicist of this upcoming action-drama film DAKHILA is Raju Kariya.

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