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Rahul Choudhary – Direction to Acting

Rahul Choudhary with Puneet Issar


Rahul Choudhary is one of the rare actors who is all set to make his mark in Bollywood after starting his career as an assistant to actor-director Puneet Issar in films like I AM SINGH and a Punjabi-English film called BORN TO BE KING. A Delhite, 27 years old Rahul, who is armed with an acting diploma from Anupam Kher?s acting school Actor Prepares, is also well versed in theatre having had a stint at the Theater School of Drama, Pyarelal Bhavan, Mandi House, New Delhi.?An acting school teaches you basic things about acting but it is the theater that helps you be a complete actor? quips Rahul Choudhary who has tucked under his belt films like Come On Doctor, Vash and Anmol Khazana in the main leads. Rahul adds that if you want to make it as an actor in Bollywood, it is necessary that you learn from every actor in the trade, whether it is Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan or Irrfan Khan and Rajpal Yadav. Rahul does not regret having spent his time in assisting Puneet Issar in direction, because he feels his stint with him has made him richer as far as his experience is concerned and says that though he is keen on acting, if a good filmmaker asks him to be his assistant in direction, he would readily grab the offer.

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