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Ye Stupid Pyar – movie review

An NRI guy looking for an Indian bride discovers it is stupidity to fall in love


Ye Stupid Pyar - movie review

Ye Stupid Pyar is the story of Abhishek Khurana (Jatin Khurana) who comes to India for a short vacation from his job in America. Abhishek joins a gym and the yoga instructor of that gym is the beautiful Neha (Noopur Patwardhan). Ye Stupid Pyar movie review…

Apna NRI falls in love with her. After much of sweet-talk, flattery and quite a few salsa learning sessions, and in between the various gym sessions and then persuasion depictedx through dance numbers, the girl finally agrees and they get married.

There is one condition the girl puts forth, she isn’t inclined to go to the US with him, but wants him to shift to India or somewhere nearby so that she is not to far off from her parents.

The boy is more than forthcoming and after contacting sources in his head office and he is informed that the corporation for which he is working also has an office in Bangkok, Thailand.

So he decides to shift base to Bangkok and his newly wed wife is more than happy. They land in Bangkok and Abhishek is forced by his wife to leave for office right away (duty is more important than love). But when Abhishek returns from the office, he is in for a shock. Neha is not to be found anywhere in the house.

Where could the girl have disappeared in this new country? The husband is bewildered, and happens to get a message from his best friend while in college, Simran (Akansha Shivhare) who now resides in Thailand and incidentally she is still single.

Simran had a crush on him since the college days. Even after discovering that he is married now, she still has a soft corner for him. Simran takes Abhishekh to a local friend ‘Multiplex’ (Sahil Vaid) to help him search for Neha. This Multiplex character tries his comic imitation of the actors of 1990s and fails miserably.

Then it is discovered that Neha had some secret plans much before her wedding and she uses Abhishek as an excuse to get married and finally wanted to reach to Bangkok where she is in love with another boy who then turns out to be a playboy and untrustworthy.

Neha finds this out after reaching Bangkok and is taken aback. The other boy was just playing with her, while Abhishekh had true love for her and even went to the extent of migration to another country.

About the performances in Ye Stupid Pyar, except for Noopur Patwardhan who appears to be more realistic and Akansha Shivhare who acts with sincerity as the boy’s college friend, the remaining characters are below average. The cinematography of Thailand could have been shot more aesthetically Jatin has a fine build yet lacks the hero material.

Ye Stupid Pyar has a juvenile script and average dialogues. It lacks the freshness of a romantic story nor does it have any thrilling moments in the second half, which the story has a suspense in store.

Cast of Ye Stupid Pyar:
Jatin Khurana – Abhishek Khurana
Noopur Patwardhan – Neha Dalvi

Credits & Crew of Ye Stupid Pyar:
Studio – JRD Films
Directed By Rakesh Jain
Produced By JRD Films
Music: Vipin Patwa, Reeky
Cinematography – M.A. Shaikh
Dialogue – Rakesh Jain
Singers: KK, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, Salim Master, Nikhil D’souza, Vipin Patwa, Reekey Arun Daga and Ritu Pathak,
Choreograper: Tejas Datani, Reshma Khan, Sagar,Rajiv,
Lyrics: Yusuf Alikhan, Sanjay Mishra, Dr. Sagar, Arafaat
Background Music: Reekey
Remixes: Reekey Dev
Ye Stupid Pyar – movie review