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Tutiya Dil – movie review

A present-day rom-com


Tutiya Dil - movie review

Tutiya Dil is a romantic comedy. It is a love story gone left and right then a bit wrong and finally right again. It’s a story of today’s youth.

It’s right because the characters are human and relatable. It’s wrong because the characters are nuts.

Tutiya Dil has a racy screenplay, promising and a passionate team.

Rhea (Suzanna Mukherjee) has broken up with Karan Oberoi. Karan (Nikhil Sabharwal) has dumped her and she is heartbroken and homeless. So she comes to stay at Vishal’s who understands her situation and genuinely sympathizes with her.

But going through this break up, Rhea likens men to turkeys, a species of birds which are always on the hunt for new hens to mate with.

She is unsure of herself, and is convinced that men can never be faithful and always have sex on their minds. Then she decides to consult a shrink, Dr. Prayag (Naveen Kaushik) and narrates her experience.

Here, it is Vishal (Siddhant Kapur) and Anu (Iris Maity) her best friends who support and stand by her. Anu is a typical feminist and Vishal is just the opposite – a womanizer, carefree sort of character. Ironically, it is he who extends emotional support to Rhea.

The Director carefully defines love, sex, heartaches and fragile relationships and there are some bold dialogues in this film though it stretches a bit longer than it ought to be.

Debutant director Amit Khanna has also penned the screenplay, steers clear of anything unusual and plays it safe it a straight storyline. Prabal Punjabi’s dialogues do give some bold lines. The girls look unnatural mouthing the bold lingo aided with some crude gestures.

Suzanna Mukherjee is a natural actress and does well for her debut performance. She looks fair. The handsome Sidhant Kapur comes up with a nice performance, so does Nikhil Sabharwal. Iris Maity and Jyoti Bhardwaj are pleasing.

Fortunately, there aren’t any double meaning or adult jibes and it is a love story straight from the heart, supported by fresh actors in Tutiya Dil.

Tutiya Dil has fresh content and would appeal in bits and spurts.

Cast of Tutiya Dil:
Suzanna Mukherjee – Rhea Kapoor
Sidhant Kapur – Vishal Khanna
Nikhil Sabharwal – Karan Oberoi
Iris Maity – Anuradha Banerjee
Ankit Gupta
Jyoti Bhardwaj
Chiragh Farmahan
Darpan Malik
Navin Kaushik
Credits & Crew of Tutiya Dil:
Banner – KC Productions
Producer – Kshitij Chaudhary
Director – Amit Khanna
Editor – Archit D Rastogi
Cinematography – Shweta Chanda
Screenplay – Amit Khanna
Background Music – Gulraj Singh
Costume Designers – Dhruv Sehgal, Suheena Arora
Ex. Co Producers – Rajeev Sharma, Rohit Nag
Music Director – Gulraj Singh
Lyricist – Manoj Yadav
Dialogue – Prabal Punjabi
Sound – Arvind Vishwakarma
Tutiya Dil – movie review