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Phir Aik Sazish – movie review

A tale of Agony, Ecstasy and Revenge


Phir Aik Sazish - movie review

Phir Aik Sazish is a suspense thriller. Directed by Shyam Shah it is about sudden murders occurring in the otherwise sleepy township. Phir Aik Sazish – movie review…

It had been a city of peace and scenic beauty with a fascinating sea shore. The police had nothing much to do accept for taking care of the basic law and order.

Inspector Madhav (Prakash Tiwari) had all time to romance with his girl friend Kamya. All was happy going till the city was rocked by a series of murders.

Three ladies of the elite class of the society were brutally murdered which included Kamya’s mother.
Ever since then the Inspector Madhav was on his toes to find out the killer.

Now occurs the incident which shakes up the wotn. The most sensational murder of the famous actress Malvika Roy who was known for her breath taking beauty.

Muskan (Mamata Soni) the young daughter of Malvika Roy, who is a look alike of her beautiful mother, is startled by the happenings.

She seeks the help of her boy friend Rohan (Dillzan Wadia), a young, dynamic man with chiseled features and a rock sold body. Rohan is an artist. He tries his best to comfort Muskan and helps her to face the difficult time.

Muskan and her three friends, Chanda, Ritu and Kamiya are sailing in the same boat as the other three girls also had lost their mothers in this series of murders. What is perplexing them is whether they were killed by different killers or were the all three victims of some fanatic serial killer?

Incidentally these four friends meet a Gypsy Fortune Teller who prophesied their encounter with the killer of their respective mother in a particular sequel order. Rohan tries to safe guard the girls with the help of Inspector Madhav. Kosha (Kiran Acharya), a friend of Rohan, contributes her share in the happenings.

Gradually the forecast of the Gypsy lady turns out in to be true events of their lives.

It turns out to be the killer with a Silver Mask. And he is no psychotic killer. There is a reason behind the killings.

Phir Aik Sazish is a suspense thriller enriched with melodious music and romance. The film also throws light at the possible consequences of child abuse.

Cast of Phir Aik Sazish:
Dillzan Wadia
Mamta Soni
Kiran Acharya
Prakash Tiwari
Chanda Trivedi
Sheetal Joshi

Credits & Crew Phir Aik Sazish:
Banner – Modi Films
Produced By – Jitender Modi & Pravin Chudasama (UK)
Production House – Dillzan Wadia Productions
Director – Shyam Shah
Camera Man – Rendev Bahaduri
Music – Sashank Fadnis
Lyrics – Patric Willson
Playback Singers – Paritosh Goswami,Vastla Patil
Production Designer – Pourash Wadia / Russy Wadia
Re Recodist – Shah Navaz
Chief Asst. Director – Meetesh Vyaas
Make Up – Ajay-Eknath, Vijay Bhosle
Hair Dresser – Jagruti Pathak
Dress Man – Jagdish Pandit
Stills – Sanjay Bhatt (Kalol)
Sound Recordist – Samir Malik
Opretive Cameraman – Indrajeet Kajal
Chief Asst. Cameraman – Zahir Malek
Assistants Direction – Mitesh, Vandana , Parag
Choreography Madhav Kishen
Make Up – Rakesh Chotu
Camera Attendants – Babumiya Pathan, Bhirkhabhai Desai
Phir Aik Sazish – movie review