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Teri Meri Kahaani

Thrice Upon A Love Story


After Kaminey, Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are paired paired together in the lead roles.

As the The tagline says, “thrice upon a love story”, so this film has three love stories set between 1910, 1960, and 2012.

Each actor plays a different character in each time period, but each characer they play is linked to one another.

Can we truly love one person throughout our life and hope that fate makes us meet with the same person in every life of ours?

Various scenes in the film have been shot in England. Shahid Kapoor in the 1910s segment plays a Muslim poet Javed while

Priyanka is the Punbaji Aradhana, to a struggling musician in the 1060s segment where Priyanka Chopra plays a superstar actress. There are fine performances from Priyanka Chopra, Prachi Desai who plays the role of a confident and modern woman of the 60’s and Neha Sharma who appears in the 2012 segment of the film.

Teri Meri Kahaana is also shot in Aurangabad City in Maharashtra and Deogiri Fort.

Hereis a romantic tale which is uncomplicated and charming. The novelty here is that this film presents three different stories in three different eras which is surely innovative.

This story takes us through a journey of eternal love between a couple who have vowed to love each other not only in this life but in every life to follow. Their love is so strong that even destiny wants to bring them together. The story starts in 1960 Bombay with Govind and Ruksar, then moves ahead to present times, 2012 England with Radha and Krish and then goes back in time to Punjab, 1910 with Aradhana and Javed.

Among the songs, the hit ones are “Mukhtasar”, “Allah Jaane” and “Jabse Mere Dil Ko Uff”

Whether Javed and Aradhana were destined to be together or will Ruksar realize that Govind’s feeling for her were genuine and finally will Krish be able to clear the misunderstandings remains to be seen as the story unveils.

TERI MERI KAHAANI is romantic glossy which has an impressive climax.


Shahid Kapoor as Javed/Govind/Krishna
Priyanka Chopra as Aradhana/Rukhsar/Radha
Prachi Desai as Maahi (special appearance)
Neha Sharma as Meera (special appearance)
Humna Ahmed

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