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Tanu Weds Manu Returns – Hindi movie review

An entertaining and engrossing sequel


Tanu Weds Manu Returns

A sequel to ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, the couple leads a happy married life in Europe.

It is nearly 4 years of their marriage, that Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Manu (R. Madhavan) loose interest in living together. She is ruing the loss of romance, while he too, is struggling to figure out what exactly has gone wrong. They visit a counselor, who makes the matters worse and next we see that they are separated.

Their marriage is on the rocks with Tanu at one juncture accusing Manu of being devoid of any spark. To which Manu retorts “I am not a lighter.”

Tanu wants to seperate and so she returns to her hometown in Kanpur, India where she feels free and is back to her wild ways.

Manu comes to Delhi for a change in his life, until he meets the Haryanvi athlete Kusum aka Datto (Kangana Ranaut in a double role) – who resembles Tanu. Manu gets interested in this different yet a look-alike girl and comes closer to her.

Datto is the sporty Haryanvi girl with a heavy Jat accent hanging around in tracks-and-tees. She is a feisty, smart, independent young girl who has just started out in life and is in the age of dreaming about life, career and love.

Manu is unable to get his thoughts off her and an unlikely love story seems to be taking shape here.

The story reaches a point where Manu is all set to marry Datto. It revolves around the comic love triangle between Tanu, Manu and Kusum and ends up with Manu’s discovery of his true life partner.

Raj Awasthi who formed the third angle in its earlier part of the love story, is ready to accept Tanu yet again. To that extent that her look-alike (Datto) would act as a consolation ‘award’ to him.

A young lawyer, residing in Tanu’s house as a tenant also plays his part in complicating matters.

The story takes a turn in the climax.

Kangana Ranaut comes up with a brilliant performance in double roles. The finest by an actress, in the recent times in Filmy Town. Two divergent characters. Wow.

This sequel comes out as a fresh, original and entertaining film, evoking a new-age Hrishikesh Mukherjee type of a movie.

To conculde, its difficult to guage whether this sequel is better than the original. Yes it seems so. With Kangana Ranaut’s performance so brilliant that makes you laugh, cry and one virtualy relates to the double lives she plays. So much so that it is difficult to decide which character is better than the other. No wonder that she has been felicitated with a national award for her performance in ‘Queen’ which released last year.

Others such as Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal), Raja (Jimmy Shergill) and Anand Kumar Singh (Mohd Zeeshan Ayub) lend superb performances and fresh comic moments in this breezy movie. Especially, Rajesh Sharma as Datto’s modern thinking brother who has left his family as his mind-set doesn’t get with his conservative family. Each of them is just outstanding!

An entertaining and engaging a film.


Click on the thumbnails, for ENLARGED PICS:

R. Madhavan as “Manu” Sharma
Kangana Ranaut as Kusum “Datto” Sangwan/Tanuja “Tanu” Trivedi
Jimmy Shergill as Raja Awasthi
Deepak Dobriyal as Pappi
Eijaz Khan as Jassi
Swara Bhaskar as Payal Rathore
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Chintu
Rajendra Gupta as Tanu’s Father
Navni Parihar as Tanu’s Mother
K.K.Raina as Manu’s Father
Dipti Mishra as Manu’s Mother
Rajesh Sharma as Kusum’s Brother


Banner – Colour Yellow Pictures
Directed by Anand L. Rai
Produced by Kishore Lulla, Anand L. Rai
Written by Himanshu Sharma
Music by Krsna Solo, Tanishk-Vayu
Cinematography by Chirantan Das
Edited by Hemal Kothari
Distributed by Eros International

Tanu Weds Manu Returns, hindi movie review

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