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Garm Hava (1973) Screened at the 43rd IFFI, Goa

GARM HAVA, considered a milestone in Indian Cinema, was screened at 43rd International Film Festival of India, Goa on 25th Nov, 2012 as a part of “100 Years of Indian Cinema : A Celebration”.

The film has historical events as a backdrop, and the director M.S. Sathyu feels that Europe and USA make quite a few war films after the wars there, but in India, our film makers do not venture into such topics.

Garm Hava has inspired many other films on such topics like Tamas, Memo and Naseem to name a few. Sathyu feels that the film which was produced 25 years ago would surely be appreciated by the present generation. Sathyu feels that today’s movies depict meaningless violence.

He mentioned that this old classic was shot in actual locations in Agra, during the cold winter at one stretch, and they still managed to show different seasons. It was filmed with only one lens and one camera with the use of just 6 colourtron lights. He feels necessary to revive such topic based old films, and show these classics to the youth of today.

Film restoration work has been initiated by Indikino Edutainment Private Limited. Consisting of nearly 2 and half lakh frames, Visuals of the film have been restored in association with Film Lab, Mumbai at 2K resolution, for theatrical release. Sound of the film has been restored in association with Delux lab, USA and upgraded to 5.1 and finally mixed in Dolby. 35mm subtitled prints are ready for the theatrical release.

GARM HAVA made in 1973' by MS Sathyu, was invited to Oscars (Academy of Motion pictures, USA). In 1974 the film was nominated at Golden Palm of Cannes. In the same year, Film also won National award and three Filmfare awards.

Interestingly, the film is a part of the syllabus in CBSE, of the 12th std. Film stars

, etc. in key roles.

It has back ground score by Ustad Bahadur Khan Saab and the has world famous qawwali “Aaka Salim Chisti” which has been sung and composed by Aziz Ahemad Khan Warsi. Indikino, the presenter of the Restored Version of GARM HAVA has planned its startergic Indian theatrical release through Dar Film Distributors Pvt. Ltd. on 18th Jan 2013


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