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The Stoneman Murders, movie review

A gripping thriller


The Stoneman Murders, movie review

A murder mystery cum thriller has finally been released. The Stoneman Murders keeps you glued to your seat. A serial killer stalks the streets of Mumbai by night, killing those who sleep on the pavements. It just the one which keeps you guessing what is going to happen next.

The film is a mix of real life take on the serial killings of 1983 with a masterly touch of fiction added by the talented writers giving it a more sensational feel. Named as Stone Murderer since it talks about the horrifying terror on dark Mumbai streets, spread by a brutal killer who killed the people sleeping along the roadside by crushing their head with a stone.

The Stoneman Murders begins with inspector Sanjay getting suspended from the police force for a accidental custodial death, right when the Stoneman kills his first victim. Then, the serial killer aptly dubbed ‘Stoneman’ by the media has just claimed his fifth victim. The modus operandi has once again been the same – the victim killed in his sleep by a heavy stone thrown at his head. These random killings are of little interest to most of the Bombay Police force but to the suspended sub-inspector Sanjay Shelar (Kay Kay Menon) this killer poses an opportunity.
Sanjay hopes to track this killer down and thus possibly find an entry back into the police force. With the secret aid of his patronizing superior AIG Satam (Vikram Gokhale), Sanjay begins the arduous process of tracking this killer down.

But the chain of events that follow, lead the official police investigator of the case Inspector Kedar Phadke (Arbaaz Khan) to suspect Sanjay of being the killer himself.

Even as Sanjay, Kedar and Satam jostle amongst themselves, the Stoneman stalks the streets unabated, claiming victim after victim….

It is the character of the intense Kay Kay Menon that really keeps one thinking and interested. It’s also good to see Arbaaz Khan, who has done a good job as a supporting actor. Vikram Gokhale is impressive once again, while Arbaaz who has a few scenes which he does finely. Rukhsaar as KK’s wife gives a sober performance.
Virendra Saxena as KK’s associate Constable has given a memorable performance. But it’s Kay Kay, who really steals the movie. The director has done a magnificent job by successfully keeping the audience glued and thinking.

The Stoneman Murders does have a lot blood and there are some really scary moments. The narrative is linear and non-fussy, the story-telling is simple and direct, with some truly chilling moments. This gripping tale has a hot item number which has been aesthetically presented, except for the climax which is somewhat like an ordinary bollywood flick..

Manish Gupta skillfully shows the gathering of forensic evidence, the photographs of the corpses in a classic detective fashion. He creates horror without resorting to any gruesomeness It is yet another path breaking and engrossing attempt in bollywood by the director Manish Gupta.

Cast of The Stoneman Murders:
Kay Kay Menon – Sanjay Shelaar
Arbaaz Khan – Kedar
Vikram Gokhale – AIG Satam
Rukhsar – Manali
Veerendra Saxena – Kamble

Credits & Crew of The Stoneman Murders:
Presented by Vistaar Religare Film Fund
A Kaleidoscope Entertainment Production
Line Producer – Durga Singh
Associate Director – Vignesh Shetty
Choreographer – Remo D’Souza
Action Director – Pradyumna (P. Kumar)
Sound Design – Jayesh Dhakkan
Editor – Sanjib Datta
Costume Designer – Darshan Jalan
Art Director – Satish Chipkar
Director of Photography – Srikanth Naroj
Lyrics – Kumaar and Manish Gupta
Music – Siddhartth Suhas
Executive Producer – Gautam Talwar
Producers – Bobby Bedi, Sheetal Vinod Talwar
Writer & Director – Manish Gupta
The Stoneman Murders, movie review