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SHIVAAY – movie review

This Diwali, there will be Destruction...


Shivaay movie review

A story of an extraordinary man in an extra ordinary circumstance where he has to break the law to save his daughter in a foreign land. A Himalayan mountaineer, Shivaay (Ajay Devgn) is an innocent everyman, who is capable of transforming into a mean destroyer when he needs to protect his family.

In the opening sequence, the Himalayan mountaineer, Shivaay is shown rapelling down a steep and dangerous cliff in the Himalayas. In an edge of the seat stunt he is watched by the Indian armed forces and manages to reach them to hand over the information they needed. In return the Indian army people pay him in cash. Somewhat unbelievable!

That apart, Shivaay who makes a living by providing treks and climbing expeditions to tourists, lives alone in a small house in the mountains. On one such trek he meets the beautiful Olga (Erika Kaar), a student from Bulgaria and saves her from an avalanche. They eventaully fall in love.

She wants Shivaay to come with her to her country which he cannot as he is very much adept to his abode in the Himalayas. Olga becomes pregnant. Shivaay implores her to remain in India with him but Olga, despite her love for Shivaay, does not want the child. She returns to Bulgaria and leaves the child with Shivaay which he yearned for.

This child Gaura (Abigail Eames) looks just like her mother but nature hasn’t been kind to her as she is a mute child.

On growing up, the girl Gaura discovers her mother’s last letter and confronts Shivaay and insists to be taken to Bulgaria. Shivaay and Gaura arrive in Sofia and begin looking for Olga.

Another flaw in the film is that a man in a foreign country interferes with the mafia which lands him in trouble. While in Bulgaria, Shivaay discovers that young children are being trafficked through Bulgaria. He saves one young child and this is reported in the press. The mafia in turn now abduct Gaura so Shivaay requests the Indian embassy for help in tracing Olga who is now assigned to Anu (Sayesha Saigal), an eager young officer at the embassy.

Stranded in foreign land where he cannot speak their language, Shivaay chases the van which kidnaps his daughter and in the process destroying various cars and causing the unintentional death of a police officer.

Now he is a fugutive on the loose. It is reported on the Television that he is the one who is involved in child trafficking with the charge of killing a policeman.

This somewhat reminds one of the Hollywood film Taken though in an Indianised version. Anyways our mountaineer uses his advanced mountain skills to scale the Balkan mountains near Vidin-Calafat and stops the van which supposedly is transporting his lost daughter to another country.

Its mayhem and all hell breaks loose with Shivaay single-handedly fending himself in a foreign land. A prolonged and vicious fight ensues followed by a savage hand-to-hand fight amidst the picturesque snowy mountains of Bulgaria.

This action film has never before seen such high octane action in a Bollywood film with actual stunts carried out by Ajay Devgn. Though seemingly a bit stretched, it provides edge of the seat excitement and thrills with realistic stunts and cinematography.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Ajay Devgan as Shivaay (a tourist guide and mountaineer)
Sayesha Saigal as Anushka, a budding Belgium-based cop
Erika Kaar as Olga (Shivaay’s former lover and the mother of Gaura)
Abigail Eames as Gaura, Shivaay and Olga’s young daughter
Vir Das as Wahab (an expert computer hacker in Bulgaria)
Girish Karnad as Anushka’s father
Saurabh Shukla as the Indian Embassy chief in Bulgaria
Bijou Thaangjam as Kaancha (Shivaay’s assistant in Uttaranchal)

Production companies – Ajay Devgn FFilms, Pen India Limited, NH Studioz
Studio – Ajay Devgn FFilms
Directed By Ajay Devgn
Produced By Ajay Devgn, Dhaval Jayanti Lal Gada, Shriyans Hirawat
Screenplay By Robin Bhatt
Written By Sandeep Shrivastav
Music by Mithoon
Cinematography – Aseem Bajaj
Edited by Dharmendra Sharma
Shivaay, movie review

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