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Shaabash – movie review

You can do it


Shaabash, movie review

Shaabash! You Can Do It doesn’t live up to its title at all.

The film has a weak direction, almost no storyline and average direction. There are some efforts visible on the part of the actors.

It revolves around the character of Neil (Hitesh Agrawal) who wants to be recognized as a talented dancer. The story tracks his journey from a nobody to a somebody.

Shaabash is the story of his journey from being an underdog to ultimately emerging as the winner of a dance competition with its protagonist Vikram, who’s a three years champ, by learning yoga.

He finally captures his dream with their support and by practicing yoga regularly.

His journey is facilitated by Professor Siddhant’s (Sudesh Berry) encouragement and his newfound love for Mahi (Mandi Dovhal). They believe in him.
It is an attempt to make an inspiring film for viewers of all age group. It has average music, yet good dance sequences make an impact.

Neil finally captures his dream with their support and by practicing yoga regularly.
However, too many actors like Hitesh Agrawal, Mansi Dovhal, Sudesh Berry, Charu Sharma, Rajiv Verma, Vedita Pratap Singh, Praveen,Singh Sisodia, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Rakesh Shrivastav and Aslam Khan have been underutilized in this film.

The film Shaabash culminates in breath taking competition and suspense. Also, for the first time yoga has been excessively used as a tool of transformation.

Cast of Shaabash:
Hitesh Agrawal – Neil
Mansi Dovhal – Mahi
Sudesh Berry – Professor Siddhant
Nasir Khan
Vivek Shauq
Charu Sharma
Rajiv Verma – Satyaprakash Shai
Adi Irani
Atul Kinagi
Vedita Pratap Singh – Gracy
Praveen Singh Sisodia
Vishwajeet Pradhan
Rakesh Shrivastav
Aslam Khan

Credits & Crew of Shaabash:
Director – Shankar Mondal
Producer – Dr. Devdatt Kapadia
Music Director – Santok Singh
Cinematography – Sanjay V Malkar
Choreography – Dilip Mistry
Story/Writer – Dr. Devdatt Kapadia
Screenplay – Arsh Rana, Fateh Khan
Executie Producer / Co-Producer – Shankar Mondal
Singers – Soham Chakrabarthy, Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Rahul Seth, Krishna, Nakash Aziz, Javed Ali, Lavanya
Lyricist – Kumaar, Rahul Seth, Dev Narayan
Background Music – K.C. Loy, Aashish Rego
Action – Bachchan Singh
Film Editor – Arun Shekar
Dialogue – Arsh Rana
Costume- Meghna Rodrigues, Stephen Jerome Saldana
Shaabash, movie review