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Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga

Mehngai ki bajao


Directed by first-time director Anshul Sharma, this movie talks about the dilemmas of a middle class family’s fight against inflation, corruption and spiraling prices of household items.

Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga is a take on the common man’s troubles is packed with amusing episodes, the man on the street who is burdened with constant price rise, and the predicaments of the working class family residing in Sonepat, Haryana in India.

Puttan (Sanjay Mishra) is the bread winner of his family which consists of his father Nagpalji (Vishwa Mohan Badola), his wife Noori (Pragati Pandey) who runs a beauty parlour and a younger brother struggling to pass his graduation Gopal (Ranjan Chhabra).

One day, Puttan’s friend comes up with a scheme to deal with the problems of price rise in the daily commodity items, but then the scheme which was expected to ease their troubles of the spiraling cost of living, turns chaotic.

Puttanpal takes benefit of a government scheme to borrow money so that his family can stock three years worth of ration and household items, and in the process beat inflation.

But then, life is not so easy for the middle class, as a loan inspector Singh (Zakir Hussain) comes for the scrutiny of the scheme and then its not only the spiraling cost of daily commodities, the troubles too spring up for the poor Puttan.

It is a thought provoking film, which gathers pace in the latter half of the story, where it takes dramatic turn where they find themselves completely cornered.

Debutant director Anshul has carefully showcased tiny details pertaining to the style of living of a typical middle class family in India.

Full marks to the story, screenplay department for such a realistic story which is filled with sarcasm, wit and humor. Sanjay Mishra is just superb. He carries this fight against inflation on his shoulders. Vishwa Mohan Badola, Zakir Hussain, Pragati Pandey and Ranjan Chhabra enact their parts satisfactorily.

Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga is a comedy-cum-satire which has a bit of a romantic track thrown in. To sum it up, it appears as a funny film, relevant and relatable to our daily lives.

Sanjay Mishra as Puttanpal
Vishwa Mohan Badola as Nagpal
Pragati Pandey as Noori
Zakir Hussain as Loan Inspector
Sitaram Panchal as Vedpal
Ranjan Chabbra as Gopal
Disha Pandey as Suman
Pramod Pathak as Mani Pal

Produced By : Revel Films Pvt Ltd.
Producer – Ashok Pandey
Director – Anshul Sharma
Story Writers – Rupesh Thapliyal, Vijay Manral
Cinematographer : Fasahat Khan
Music Director : Manish J Tipu
Editor : Devendra Murdeshwar
Art Director : Gautam Sen
Writer/Co-Writer : Rupesh Thapliyal/Vijay Manral
Lyrics : Naveen Tyagi
Singers : Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Mika, Amit Kumar, Tochi Raina
Choreographer : Sujit Kumar
Costume Director : Shubhra Gupta
Executive Producer : Rajinder Singh Housen (Kaku)
Marketing Director : Bhavesh Thakkar
Public Relations : Neelam Gupta & Mr. Pathak/ NR2-The Image Engineers