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RESCUE – Hindi movie review

Girls just wanna have thrills and fun


Rescue Hindi novie reviw

RESCUE – is a fresh approach to story telling in Bollywood. This dark comedy thriller is about three Medical students – Honey, Ayesha and Meera.  Rescue movie review…

Though the film is a fiction, the story is based on a true incident that occured sometime back in a town of Maharashtra.

Honey (Sreejita De), Ayesha (Megha Sharma) and Meera (Ishita Ganguly) have approached an estate agent Jatin (Rahulganesh Thulsiram) for renting PG accommodation in Mumbai. Jatin shows them a flat in a multi-story building which they approve and start residing in it.

Picky about every facility that was promised to them, the girls point out to the broker about the absence of cooking gas cylinder and several other things which needed to work properly. Jatin attends to their issues and brings in the agreement deed which is to be signed by the girl (a requisite for such deals).

Moody as they are, the trio happen to trap the house broker in their own apartment. It is here on that the true colours of each of the girls is revealed which including the incident of the girls assaulting him, torture and even go to one point of raping him.

How Jatin wriggles out of their captivity and what was the reason behind extending such torture on him is revealed towards the end of the story.

Rescue is an outrageous thriller having some comic moments on the suraface level. It is about several issues pertaining to the girls, single women and their sexuality, freedom of choice. There are revelations about the Hippocratic society that we live in.

Another important aspect in the story is about Jatin’s past relationship with his ex-girlfriend Shweta. There are fresh moments between the duo which is ably performed by Rani Agarwal. Rani shows promise with her simplicity and natural talent. Among the other three friends there are some dramatic psychotic scenes which are carried out well.

Rescue is a new age storytelling about the new generation. Though it has a unique story telling style, yet the viewer feels disconnected with some vague visuals cropping up in-between the scenes.

Rahulganesh Thulsiram as Jatin
Sreejita De as Honey
Ishita Ganguly as Meera
Megha Sharma as Ayisha
Rani Agrawal as Shweta
Bijendra Kala as Inspector Ashok Nayak
Girish Thapar as Harish
Abhinav Anand as Sourab
Shubhangi Litoria as Anushka Pandey

Credits of RESCUE:
Banner: RGTS Pictures
Produced By: Rahulganesh Thulsiram
Director: Nayan Pachori
Written By: Nayan Pachori, Abhijeet Kamble
Music By: Vivarth Rangari, Ritesh Yadav, Rahulganesh Thulsiram
Lyrics By: Abhishek Palliwal, Ritesh Yadav.
Singers: Aaman Trikha, Farhan Sabri, Rahulganesh Thulsiram.
Executive Producer – Aman Preet Singh
Cinematography – Vikrant Pratap Singh
Editor – Nayan Pachori
Action: An Eve Team
Choreographer: Rocky Sir, Rahul Burman
Background Score – Vivarth Rangari
Costume: Shradda, Abhijeet Kamble
Production Designer : Sayali Naikwadi
Music : Ultra
Shooting Locations: Mumbai
Media Relation: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media
Production Team : An Eve Films
Distribution: Mates Entertainment
Rescue – Hindi movie review