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NAUGHTY GANG – movie review

This naughty gang wants to be rich overnight


Naughty Gang movie review

Writer-Director Pankaj Kr Virat’s NAUGHTY GANG is the story of a group of young boys who want easy money and quick success, no matter even if they tread the wrong path to achieve it. Naughty Gang movie review…

Naughty Gang is humourous in parts, while the rest of the film seems to be a confusing journey with quite a few moments making you itch for a loo break.

The film begins with Ballu shown as the pampered (by his mother) brat who is often scolded upon by his father to mend his ways even while the boy is studying in the school. Ballu is supported by his friends Raja and Harry while the girl Vidya has a soft corner for this naughty kid. This soft corner blossoms into love as they are shown grown ups later on.

At one time, this gang of 3 boys are compelled to leave the village for their misdeeds which attracted ire of the Sarpanch and other villagers. One fine day, this trio leave their homes and hitch hike their way to reach the city where they resort to their fraudulent gimmick to make quick money.

This lands them to a natural health care Spa-cum-resort which extorts money from the rich oldies. The spa is run by a girl who is a look-alike of Vidya. This girl is managing this con-centre under the instructions of Leela who is actually alive but shown as a dead person at the reception desk with a garland around her photo.

Leela pretends to be a Ghost and manages to extract huge money from her frustrated oldie clients. Ballu and his friends stumble upon this proof and have video recorded the conversation. This leads the boys to blackmail the original owner of the resort who is compelled to add this trio as the partners in the Spa-resort.

Naughty Gang is just another average film with mediocre subject. Like mentioned before, the film fails to entertain the viewer with its jumbled up story telling and slack editing.

Rashmi Mishra plays a double role of Vidya and Maya. There is one romantic song in the beginning where this actress appears sensuous and glamorous. It is a dream song. While Rashmi fails to impress as the village belle, it is her performance as Maya that lifts the film.

Viren Bika as the protagonist appears promising, while the tracks of veteran actor Ranjeet and his bungalow and that of Mukesh Tiwari are just fillers in the film.

Viren Bika as Ballu
Rashmi Mishra as Vidya / Mona
Kaif Khan
Monika Ravan
Ramanjeet Singh
Sonia Bansal
Mukesh Tiwari
Vividha Kirti
Padmender Rawat
Adi Irani
Firdaus Mewawala
Vijay Patka
Mehnaz Shroff
Rajkumar Kanojia
Gauransh Chauhan
Muqaddar Khan
Special appearance – Ranjeet

Credits and Crew of Naughty Gang:
Production House – Panch Parmeshthi Productions, Tryambkam Productions
Producers – Rajender Kumar, Sunder Kishan, Ritu Jain
Story writer and Director – Pankaj Kr Virat
DOP – Rajeev Shrivastava
Editor – Mayuresh Sawant
Music – Paresh A Shah
PRO – Waseem Siddiqui, Fame Media
Naughty Gang, movie review
Lyrics – Kumar, Rashmi Virag, Panjak Kr Virat