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Ready – movie review

A masala entertainer


Ready - movie review

Set amidst the appealing locales of Thailand, ‘Ready’ revolves around Prem (Salman Khan), the sole heir to a sprawling empire owned by his father and uncles. Prem’s father desires that he gets married and settles down, though Prem intends to enjoy his single status to the fullest.

The would be bride is arriving by air, but Prem and his uncle goof up at the airport and come across another girl named Sanjana (Asin), who has just fled from her own wedding. Ready movie review…

Sanjana pretends to be Pooja herself (the girl who was to come to Prem’s house). She wins the hearts of the entire Kapoor family, except Prem, who doesn’t approve her.

Meanwhile, Sanjana’s uncles, Amar Choudhary (Akhilendra Mishra), and Suraj Choudhary (Sharat Saxena), who are rivals are on the lookout for the girl. Each of them is trying to get her married with their own brother-in-laws.

Sanjana has just returned to India to live with her feuding uncles, who have their own devious plans for her marriage, in order for each to take over her inheritance. Sanjana is an orphan whose greedy uncles are constantly conspiring to acquire her property.

Now, Prem finds out Sanjana’s true identity, and she reveals the whole story of how her uncles trying to get her married against her wishes. In a dramatic twist of fate, the eternal bachelor Prem falls in love with Sanjana, and is ready for marriage, owing to a case of mistaken identity.
Sanjana’s uncle Suraj Choudhary finds her and she is taken away. Prem has a plan so he tells her just to be with her uncle, and will find a way to marry her.

Prem becomes the nephew of a chartered accountant Balidaan Bhardwaaj (Paresh Rawal), who manages accounts of both the uncles. As the assistant Prem manages to convince each uncle not to get Sanjana married to their own brother-in-laws, as he has someone who is very rich – the two daughters of America’s billionaire brothers K.K Modi and B.K Modi.

How Prem manages to get Sanajana’s uncles together, and how he wins their hearts to get married to Sanajana, is the rest of the story.
Prem, along with his entire family, take it upon themselves to ensure that Prem and Sanjana are united. What ensues is a series of hilarious events, with everyone taking on various identities in order to fool the uncles, with Prem of course masterminding the entire charade.

Though the film Ready falls flat, not making sense it is aimed for the masses who just want entertainment Chulbul Pandey style or precisely the Rajnikant style. Salman does everything the films, dances, witty remarks, romancing , beating up the bad guys, except act.

Salman Khan is as usual funny in Ready and Asin has freshness and the charm. Zarine Khan who was seen in Veer is here for the item number Character Dheela. Salman and Asin groove to the rage of the nation in Dhinka Chika.

Ready is total fun, leave aside the logic and practicalities of life, it’s entertainment Salman Khan style.

CAST of Ready:
Prem Kapoor – Salman Khan
Sanjana Singh – Asin Thottumkal
Balidaan Bharadwaj (Chartered Accountant) – Paresh Rawal
Ram Kapoor – Mahesh Manjrekar
Amar Chaudhary – Akhilendra Mishra
Prem’s Aunty – Anuradha Patel
Bharat (Pram’s Uncle) – Manoj Joshi
Dadaji – Puneet Issar
Sooraj Chaudhary (Sanjana’s uncle) – Sharat Saxena
Veer – Arya Babbar
Laxman (Pram’s Uncle) – Manoj Pahwa
Phatak Saab – Mithilesh Chaturvedi
Zarine Khan as Khushi – Special Appearance in song “Character Dheela”
Amar Chaudhary (Grandson)- Mohit Baghel (Child Artist)
Mr Lehri – Sudesh Lehri
Pooja – Kiran Ahuja
Chote Pandit – Hemant Pandey

CREDITS & CREW of Ready:
Producers: Bhushan Kumar,Krishan Kumar
Producer: Sohail Khan
Producers: Nitin Manmohan,Rajat Rawail
Director: Anees Bazmee
Script Consultant: Salim Khan
Screenplay: Rajeev Kaul,Rajan Agarwal, Ikram Akhtar
Dialogues: Farhad- Sajid
Background Score: Sandeep Shirodkar
Special Publicity Stills: Haider Khan
Lyrics: Neelesh Misra, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Kumaar& Ashish Pandit
Music: Pritam
Audiography: Pradeep Suri
Choreography: Raju Khan, Mudassar Khan & Chinni Prakash
Associate Director: Rakesh Shrivastav
Art Director: Rajat Poddar
Action: Seeluem Pradit,Mahender Verma
Film Editor: Ritesh Soni
Cinematography: Sunil Patel & Thomas Xavier
Ready – movie review