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A Strange Love Story – movie review

A horror mystery


A Strange Love Story - movie review

In such a vast world, there are somethings that science can’t explain, there are some events that can’t be understood, this is such a A Strange Love Story.

A story about young aspiring photographer named Kabeer. Kabeer (Eddie Seth) is a world famous photographer who wears his heart on his sleeve. A Strange Love Story movie review…

His dream was to show the world something it had never seen before. In doing so he unleashes a being not of this world. A being that will stop at nothing to get at the one thing the Kabeer really cares for. A beautiful girl named Jennifer. Jia (Riya-Sen) is a wild and bohemian girl who lives by her own rules.

The adventurous photographer despite being warned by others, breaks all rules by entering a forbidden dargah at night with his girlfriend Jia. He does manage to click some pictures, but the duo also disturbs a spirit who follows them out of the precincts and enters their life as the awkward third. Jia now senses a paranormal presence.

Baljeet Billy (Raj Zutshi) is an ex-finance ministers son, who is an advertising tycoon who loves to party all day and party all night. He arranges his own birthday party, creepily eyes all the girls invited. Jia is drugged in the party and while forcing himself on her, Baljeet Billy is murdered. The police arrest a bunch of yuppies including Kabeer, Jia and the photographer’s assistant.

Things begin to go awkward. There are others who are being killed. Kabeer and Jia start seeing things, people around them start getting horribly murdered, and all the evidence points in Kabeer and Jennifer’s direction.

With the police in hot pursuit they must somehow defeat an enemy that seems to have no weakness, and prove their innocence. Inspector Iqbal (Ashutosh Rana) is a no nonsense cop out to get what he wants. Can the friendly cop help them in their ordeal?

Also in their hot pursuit is Inspector Khan (Miland Gunaji) won’t stop till he finds out the truth and Inspector Shinde (Eshan Qureshi) who is a hard working cop from a small town, out to make a name for himself

Baba Mustafa Wasiri (Yashpal Sharma) is a Powerful spiritual baba. Jabar (Snehal Dhabi) is the baba’s Innocent younger brother.
There are Gunjan Bakshi and Sheetal Sahu who have studied law but decided to pursue a modeling career but ended up an assistant for Kabeer, world famous photographer.

Ashutosh Rana is just about fine. For his first film, Eddie is okay, while Riya Sen is in the movie for glamour quotient. The talented Raj Zutshi, Yashpal Sharma and Milind Gunaji are just used as fillers. What a pity.

The murder mystery is solved in the end in the most ridiculous manner and the cinematographer fails to shoot the beauty of Shimla. A Strange Love Story is absurd and with amateurish direction this film offers nothing innovative.

Cast of A Strange Love Story:
Riya Sen – Jennifer
Eddie Seth – Kabeer
Ashutosh Rana – Inspector Iqbal
Yashpal Sharma – Baba Mustafa Wasiri
Milind Gunaji – Inspector Khan
Raj Zutshi – Baljeet Billy
Snehal Dhabi – Jabar
Gunjan Bakshi – Sheetal Sahu
Ehsaan Khan – Inspector Shindi

Credits & Crew of A Strange Love Story:
Presented by – Crystal films (BLR)
Produced by: Shohreh Seth – Suresh Bhagat
Directed by: Tariq – Sahil Seth
Music by: Santokh Singh (Nede-Nede), Ripul – Darmesh
Editor: Anuradha Singh
Visual effects: Jitendra Verma
Choreographers: Mahul G. – Himanshu G.
Camera Man: Bashalal Syed
A Strange Love Story – movie review