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Oh, my God! (movie review)

Bhagwan deta, par Dubey nahin leta...


Oh, my God, movie review

This film is about a common man, his aspirations, the dreams and his needs. Oh, my God! is a story of the line of balance that we choose to cross in attempt to pursue our ambitions.

Rajendra Dubey represents the youth of today, who want to make it big in life through the right means. However, little do we realize that a lot of things in life are not in our control and the way we identify our opportunities in those circumstances is what makes us the people we are.

All of us have asked God for help at various moments in our lives. What if God actually tried to help, but we were oblivious to his presence?
Rajendra (Vinay Pathak) a simple salesman with big dreams, a have core Dhirubhai Ambani fan, comes from a middle class family who want to make it big in life but through ethical ways. He has a sweet, simple housewife, leads a good life, yet he overlooks all that he’s got in life due to his over-ambitious nature. He is straightforward and focussed, has a plan for almost everything in life.. even for having kids. He appears eccentric to those around him, but his innocence and sweetness makes him lovable.

Suman (Divya Dutta) is Rajendra’s patient and a loving wife, who stands by her husband at all times. She is happy and satisfied with her life as she harbours no big dreams. Its 5 years of their marriage, and she always tries to convince Rajendra to have kids.

Rajendra has many making schemes that no one seems interested in and thus continues to fall in his various attempts. His wife Suman pleads to God to help her husband.
What follows is a series of hilarious encounters where God (played in human form by Sourabh Shukla) tries to help Rajendra become successful but is constantly frustrated as Rajendra fails to recognise the opportunities.

God in this film is sweet, funny and lovable in this human form. At times, dressed in formal suits, eats chocolates, chips and pizzas to get rid of his depression. He even gets bored of this life which he has created.

God also gets touch and tricky with men to teach them the lesson of life. Inspite of being the Almighty with extraordinary powers, he is sometimes helpless and confused with normal human beings. But finally, he proves his smartness and intelligence making everyone say – “Oh My God!”

Oh, my God’s First-time director Sourabh Srivastav tells a funny, touching story of a simple man who, with a little help from God, needs to come to terms with his big dreams and find balance in his life.

Vinay Pathak plays his part with sincerity; as he has done in recent guy-next-door kind of roles. Sourabh Shukla attempts to bring in some comic relief as the God, a bit type cast in such comedy situations. Divya Dutta shines in this film as Dubey’s supportive wife.

The ensemble cast in Oh, my God! includes Harsh Chhaya, Gaurav Gera and Pubali Sanyal. An average fare.

Cast of Oh, my God:
Rajendra Dubey – Vinay Pathak
Suman Dubey – Divya Dutta
God – Saurabh Shukla
Boss – Harsh Chhaya
Peon – Ghanshyam Garg
Piddu – Gaurav Gera
Piddu’s Wife – Pubali Sanyal
Cop – Mushtaq Khan

CREDITS of Oh, my God:
Presented by Zee Limelight
Director – Sourabh Shrivastava
Produced by – Amit Kapoor, Deepak Sharma
Director of Photography – Amol Rathod
Executive Producer – Amit Kapoor
Editor – Nipun A Gupta
Writers – Rishi Virmani, Vipul Ojha, Manisha Ojha
Music Directors – Baapi & Tutul

Other credits of Oh, my God:
Sound Designer – Kunal Mehta, Parikshit Lalvani
Art Direction – Rajib Majumdar
Costume Design – Rahul Goel, Sujata Kohli
Assistant Directors – Asit Kaul, Varun Malhotra, Sanjog Sapkal, Tanushree Sharma
Oh, my God, movie review