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Dil Kabaddi – movie review

It is Kabbadi that one's heart plays


Dil Kabaddi, movie review

Caught in the web of post-marital boredom and the irresistible temptation of lurking out of the relationship for some fun, Dil Kabaddi tackles the journey of two modern day couples in Urban India, Samit and Mita & Rishi and Simi caught in web of boredom, loss of love and temptation. Dil Kabaddi review…

Samit (Irrfan Khan) is a bored banker, married to Mita (Soha Ali Khan) who is a Cosmetic Surgeon. Samit is suffering from a 7 year itch, only earlier. He prefers getting this itch scratched by a lovely hot cat Kaya (Payal Rohatgi), their sexual escapades are not enough to be sold as an aphrodisiac fantasy. He loves Kaya with a passion without pretending intellectual capability and wants to live life King-size and unconventional.

Samit’s wife Mita is sexy, honest and forthright to a fault. She is an intellectual who gets creatively passionate about theatre, architecture and other arts. But she stirs up a hot passion in Veer (Rahul Khanna) who unwillingly falls for her.
The other couple is Rishi Sharma (Rahul Bose), a professor and his wife Simi (Konkona Sen). Rishi has a weakness for “Bad” women who he himself has labeled as ‘Suicide Bombers’. Being a writer, his imagination was always in an overdrive. But Rishi thinks… Only thinks… That a hot lusty affair with his student may not be a bad idea at all.

Simi, the Agony Aunt in a publication, who thinks he is perfect husband material. She can drive anybody nuts and has this air of ‘Poor me’ and ‘Please help me’ but has a will of iron and does exactly as she pleases. Simi too, finds Veer very tempting, but only after she has set him up with Mita.

Veer (Rahul Khanna) is an art director, single currently heart broken. He is Simi’s colleague with a great sense of humour… One that improves after a couple of drinks! He was attracted at first sight to Mita. Thinks of himself as a one woman man… One Woman at a time, that is…

Kaya (Payal Rohatgi) is an aerobics instructor and Samit’s hottest fantasy. A beautiful woman who tries really hard… She stirs up attention where ever she goes. Has an excercise for everything… For waist reduction, breast enhancement, abs, toning love handles…

Raga (Saba) is a student, single. A mixed up hormonally driven individual. She is in awe of her professor Rishi, and has a preference for older men in all her past relationships. She prefers relationships in numbers… The more the merrier.

While Samit is indeed proud of his philandering and thoroughly enjoys the adventure and experimentation, Mita is at the receiving end of his adulterous ways. On the other hand, as Rishi tries really hard to walk that extra mile and get rid of his monogamy, Simi struggles to decide whether she is really cut out for something outside of marriage or not.

As these two couples saddle their way on the marital marathon, they come across Kaya, who spices up the goings-on between Samit and Mita. Raga who gives Rishi the motivation to take the next step, and Veer who ends up for a short stint with Mita, and becomes the sole reason for Simi’s confusion.

How the quartet handles these complex, sensitive matters of the heart, and how they solve the never ending quests, with some winning the battle and some ending up with a broken heart, is supported by terrific performances by the lead actors in Dil Kabaddi.

Cast of Dil Kabaddi:
Rishi – Rahul Bose
Samit – Irrfan Khan
Veer – Rahul Khanna
Simi – Konkona Sen Sharma
Mita – Soha Ali Khan
Kaya – Payal Rohatgi
Raga – Saba Azad

Credits & Crew of Dil Kabaddi:
Producer – Shailesh R Singh
Director – Anil Senior
Writers – Vivek Anand, Anil Senior, Lezlie George Sparkx
Film Editing – Hemal Kothari
Music Directors – Sachin Gupta, Dhruv Dhalla
Lyrics – Sachin Gupta, Virag Mishra, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shabbir Ahmed
Assistant Directors – Lezlie George Sparkx, Vivek Anand
Singers – Sachin Gupta, Jaspreet Singh, Aditya Jassi, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Mika Singh, Monali, Poroma
Publicity Designs – Mantra @ SDS
Banner – Studio 18
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Dil Kabaddi, movie review