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Naughty at 40 – movie review

A 40 year bachelor cannot wait to remain single any longer


Naughty at 40 - movie review

Naughty at 40 falls below expectations of a Govinda film and more so, since its directed by Jagmohan Mundhra. The production values are fine and there are many lovely locales of Manali, in Himachal Pradesh, India and quite a few scenic locations in London. Naughty at 40 movie review…

Bollywood ought to wake up and realize merely including some crude and double meaning jokes with some scantily clad women prancing around, it cannot be called a sex comedy film.

Happy (Govinda) is a 40 year old man living in London with his parents Laxminarayan ‘Allan’ Kapoor (Anupam Kher) and mother – Maya (Smita Jaykar). ‘Allan’ Kapoor is the richest Indian in London and now the parents want their son Happy to get married.

Everything seems fine in their life, except for the fact that their 40 year old son is still a virgin and sleepwalks in the nights. So Allan Kapoor seeks help of his employee who is also Happy’s friend (Shakti Kapoor), and his nephews.

They try to help Happy learn about sex, and even drag Happy to a massage parlour in the UK, where a cute sexy girl is ready to be his love guru, but all efforts turn futile.

Now, Happy suggests his parents for an arranged marriage and so they get him Manali, India to find a desi girl for this son.

Happy gets married to Gauri (Yuvika Chaudhary), a girl much younger to him. Gauri is his juvenile wife and plays childish pranks all the while. She is still in adolescent phase in her mind.

Now our 40 year old cannot wait any longer, with temptation from a cute London based lady. Happy lands up having an affair with her and now Gauri – ‘his wife’ finds it out. This shock brings about a change in the childish girl. It is a different situation now, here at one place we have Happy who stayed a virgin till the age of 40. Poor guy is now torn between two beautiful women. What happens then remains to be seen.

Anupam Kher has come up with a decent performance. Smita Jaykar is just fine as the mother. Yuvika with just a few films in her kitty is pleasant and surprisingly matches Govinda’s comic timing in Naughty at 40. Shakti Kapoor plays his usual self, and the supporting cast is just okay.

Naughty at 40 is nowhere near the 2005 film Steve Carell’s The 40-Year Old Virgin and it is an average comedy film with double meaning jokes aimed to please the hardcore masses. It deserves just a single star rating but for Govinda’s efforts and presence in this film.

Cast of Naughty at 40:
Govinda – Ravinder ‘Happy’ L. Kapoor
Yuvika Chaudhary – Gauri
Anupam Kher – Laxminarayan ‘Allan’ Kapoor
Shakti Kapoor – Sharafat Ali
Smita Jaykar – Maya L. Kapoor
Harish Kumar – Sandeep / Sandy (Happy’s cousin)
Sanjai Mishra – Happy’s uncle
Rakesh Bedi – Dayashankar (Gauri’s father)
Gurpreet Ghugi – Laxminarayan’s employee
Sayali Bhagat
Edward Lucia – Sharon
Sudesh Lehri

Credits & Crew of Naughty at 40:
Banner: Srishti Creations and Gangani Multimedia Corporations
Producer: Anuj Sharma
Director: Jagmohan Mundhra
Editor: Ashfaque Makrani
Written by: Salim Raza
Music Director: Monty Sharma
Cinematography: Kabir Lal
Choreography: Pony Verma and Nimesh Bhatt
Naughty at 40 – movie review