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My Friend Ganesha 2 – movie review

Ganesha is back to rock the nation


My Friend Ganesha 2, movie review

My Friend Ganesha 2 is a sequel to My Friend Ganesha – the first part which was received warmly by the audiences. Our favourite Lord also knows as Vinayak is shown as a Westernised Ganesha who also speaks in English, is shown attired in Bermuda shorts, a cap, a guitar in his hand and even with tattoos!

Joining him in the film are Master Ali, Harsh Chhaya, Bhairavi Goswami, Suhasini Mulay, Sulbha Deshpande and Upasana Singh.

The story of My Friend Ganesha 2is about Vashu who is the only child of bright parents – Dr. Amit (Harsh Chhaya) and mother who is an airhostess Anita (Bhairavi Goswami). This boy has an unpleasant family life since his parents are always arguing and fighting among themselves.

He therefore has this funny habit of covering his ears all the time, which is mistaken by his friends in school who tease him and call him ‘Gandhiji’s monkey’. Among his friends only Tanya cares to find out why he’s doing this. Besides his best friend Tanya, the boy has an ally is his new maid Gangu Tai (Upasna Singh) who was there in the first part too.

In one of the instances, there is a dance competition in his school and Vashu decides to take part in it, encouraged by his maid Gangu Tai who promises to teach him good dancing. However the school bully Rocky and his friends upset his practice and damages his music CD. The maid pacifies him saying that if he prays to Lord Ganesha, he will definitely get help from him.

Gangu Tai then narrates the story of how Lord Ganesha helped his friend the rat – Mushak Raj when he was in trouble and cheers him up. She reassures Vashu that if he brings him home Lord Ganesha in the coming Ganapati festival, then the Lord will help him win the dance competition.

Vashu brings home Lord Ganesha during the Ganapati festival and befriends him. Not only does he win the dance competition but all his other problems also miraculously disappear.

The boy also learns an important lesson – not to take the Lord for granted, as Mushak Raj warns him – Ganesha only helps those who help themselves!
This film also features the Bhangra Pop Singer / actor Mika and Raja Hasan in special appearances. Worth a watch, but it is not as impressive as the first part – My friend Ganesha.

With My Friend Ganesha 2, the director has gone too far in an obvious mocking attempt at trying to exploit the popularity of this elephant God. Let us hope the producers get good returns on their investment. Jai Ganesh Deva!

Cast of My Friend Ganesha 2:
Vashu’s Father – Harsh Chhaya
Bejanjee – Kurush Deboo
Vashu’s Mother – Bhairavi Goswami
Vashu – Ali Haji
Vashu’s Maid Servant – Upasna Singh
Sulabha Deshpande
Suhasini Mulay
Sanjay Swaraj
Manoj Joshi
Mika Singh – Special Appearance
Raja Hasan – Special Appearance

Credits of My Friend Ganesha 2:
Producer – Ajay Acharya
Director – Rajiv S. Ruia
Writer – S. Sachinder
Music Director: Sameer Phaterpekar, Vinay Kapadia, Frequency Band
Sound Department – Boloy Kumar Doloi (Pre-Mix Engineer)
My Friend Ganesha 2, movie review