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Married 2 America – movie review

Fight against the forces of corruption


Married 2 America - movie review

The film opens with a man made disaster. The Dam designed and executed in its erection was carried out by a US multinational and it was headed by a talented NRI Ravi. Married 2 America movie review…

Ravi Malhotra, an NRI living in the US, works for the mighty Larsan & Jason, a US based multinational which is into huge infrastructure projects throughout the world. They build dams and bridges.

One of its recent contracts was in India – the Dharbhanga Dam project in Bihar in the district of Saurabhpur. It was planned and executed with a hundred years warranty, by their top architect and engineer Ravi Malhotra.

But within a few years, three of the dam’s gates are burst open, leaving hundreds of people dead, thousands are rendered homeless and public property worth crores washed down in floods. The Indian government is contemplating suing the company for damages worth 2 billion dollars.

The company sends Ravi Malhotra to India to probe and investigate what exactly caused the damage. Ravi finds out the shocking truth and hands over the file to the concerned authorities here.

Since that night, the file goes missing.

The authorities and the police feel he has escaped to evade arrest as the Indian government and the law holds Ravi and his company Larsen & Jason solely responsible for the disaster.

All efforts to trace Ravi are fruitless. After three months his distraught wife, Anjali follows him to Saurabhpur. From the moment she lands in India to eventually finding her husband, in the process rediscovering their love for each other.

Pratap Singh is an ex dacoit who has laid down arms a few years ago. But now survives on kidnapping and petty crimes. Ravi escapes from the clutches of ex-dacoit Pratap Singh and by stoke of fate, he lands in the net ot Bahubali Vishnu Mallah. This Vishnu is feared even by the law, and Pratap Singh and Vishnu Mallah are rivals.

Vishnu Mallah protects Ravi from Pratap Singh. Due to a misunderstanding, Vishnu feels Ravi is directly to blame for the death of his family who too has been the victims of the recent disaster.

The pressure on his conscience to avenge the death of his family mounts as Pratap Singh and the law is also on Ravi’s trail. But when Vishnu Mallah learns of the truth, he takes Ravi to an unknown destination to unearth the shocking scam and defy the forces of corruption while the film flows towards its emotionally charged thrilling and sensational edge of the seat climax in Married 2 America.

Cast of Married 2 America:
Archana Joglekar – Anjali Malhotra
Raghubir Yadav – Raghu
Chetan Pandit – Ravi Malhotra
Ashok Samarth – Vishnu
Jackie Shroff – Pratap Singh
Shweta Tiwari – Pratap Singh’s wife
Akhilendra Mishra – Chief Minister
Ganesh Yadav
Ahmed Khan
Ehsaan Khan
Abhay Bhargawa
Phool Singh
Anant Jog
Zahid Ali
Firoz Khan
Kajal Nishad
Smita Govankar
Soniya Rijhwani
Gitanjali Rao
Madhu Yadav
Hushna Khan
Sneha Thaakar
Shakti Singh
Himayat Ali
Basant Sinha
Rajeev Kumar
Amarjeet Shah
Arun Kumar, Shakeel Hindustani, Zakir Khan, Rajeev Mishra, Sanjay Shrivastava, Shantanu, Krishna Upadhyay, Munna Khan, Raj, Imtiaz, Pooja Kadam, Sanjeevani, Ashwini, Shweta, B.D. Kulkarni, Asha Bhosle, Kavita

Credits & Crew of Married 2 America:
Produced by DNA Movies (USA)
In association with REDCANDY FILMS
Written & Directed by – Dilip Shankar
Music – Anwar Hussain
Lyrics – Ibrahim Ashq
Cinematography – R. M. Swamy, Ray Collins
Action – Mehmood Bakshi
Editor – Deven Murdeshwar
Costumes – Payal Saluja, Neeta Malhotra
Chief Assistant Director – Rajesh Pandey
Production Executive – Avishkar Rupwate
Production Supervisor – Suuyash D. Shishupal
Controller of Production – Rajendra Tapase (Balu)

Locations of Married 2 America – Barghi Dam, Agriculture College (Jabalpur), Rajwant Palace Resort (Rajpipla), Phaltan, Kolhapur, Film City, Madh Island, Mumbai, USA
Married 2 America – movie review