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Khushboo – movie review

A love story that spreads the fragrance of love


Khushboo, movie review

Khushboo is a simple love story about Raghu and Pinky. Raghu is a young boy, ambitious and successful professional who is on his way to make it big in his profession in New York.  Khushboo, movie review…

But before his posting to the USA, Raghu needs to go to Chandigarh as his last assignment. Raghu gives high priority to his career and nothing comes over it. Khushboo – movie review…

While he is in Chandigarh to complete professional assignment, he comes across Pinky, who steals his heart away with her charismatic looks. It appears that Raghu was destined to cross path with this cute girl to whom he is inadvertently drawn.

This impish girl Pinky flits away every time, even before he can approach her. When they do meet and get to know each other they realize that they share a very strong bonding.

Then Pinky once again vanishes from Raghu’s life for a while. When they accidentally bump into each other little later, Pinky has one request – that he meet her family just once. For Raghu, all that matters is Pinky but for Pinky, family takes top priority in her life. Raghu accepts Pinky’s proposal and finds himself in a bond called family.

Raghu meets the big, boisterous Punjabi family. His is now impressed with them and drawn into the warmth of the large family.

Raghu gradually gets stuck into a dilemma where he has to choose between Pinky with her strong virtues and his calling fortune in New York.

He is now in a quandary. He has to decide whether he will be able to turn his back on a loving family or to get married to Pinky. He also wonders whether Pinky will change her mind about letting him go and also the decision to be taken is whether his career is more important than a loving family…

Raghu is in a state of confusion and conflicting ideas, but not Pinky…

On the other hand, Pinky has set her love free, hoping that it was not just a one-time fragrance.

Khushboo is a love story that spreads the fragrance of love amidst strong family values…

Cast of Khushboo:
Raghu – Rishi Rehan
Pinky – Avantika
Nassar Abdulla
Dolly Bindra
Ninad Kamat
Viju Khote
Gargi Patel
Himani Shivpuri
Vindu Dara Singh

Credits of Khushboo:
Director: Rajesh Ram Singh
Producers: Pahlaj Nihalani, Chirag Nihalani
Music Director: Adnan Sami
Cinematography by C. Vijayasri
Film Editing by Sanjay Sankla
Khushboo, movie review