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Your Beauty is Worth Nothing… DIFF Director’s interview

Your Beauty is Worth Nothing…

DIFF Screening, Dubai 13 December 2012


This charming and thoughtful film is about a 12 year old Veysel, named for the legendary Turkish poet Asik Veysel, struggles to adapt to his new life in Austria.

At school he doesn’t speak the language while at home there continues to be tension amongst the various family members.

His only happy moments are when he thinks about Ana, a classmate he is secretly in love with and unable to communicate with.

Help comes in the unlikely form of a rough neighbour Cem who assists as Veysel sets out to win Ana’s heart.

This film has a very fresh and simple approach towards the subject of adolescent love.

On being introduced to the young, handsome director Huseyin Tabak, I, instantly recalled the young romantic Saif Ali Khan. Huseyin has mischief and romance in his eyes. No wonder, he came up with this love story, and I bet he can effortlessly (maybe even instantly) create love stories which are appreciated by the Indian audience.

Here is an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW of the director of this film:

FILMY TOWN: Why keep an incomplete title – Your beauty is worth nothing…

HUSEYIN TABAK: I want to imply that for the boy the girls beauty is something which he cannot explain or express.


FILMY TOWN: About this 12 year old kid falling in love, is the story in reference to someone you know?

HUSEYIN TABAK: (Gives a sly look, ponders over a second) It is actually about me when I was 12 and in the school.


FILMY TOWN:  So you were secretly in love with your class-mate?

HUSEYIN TABAK: Okay. I shall be honest. I used to secretly admire that girl in the school. But I could not express my feelings to her.


FILMY TOWN: Tell us more, and finally what happened?

HUSEYIN TABAK: I was a shy boy that time. (He appears shy even at this age). This girl was so cute, and I was a Day Dreamer, romantic at heart, and very hopeful about all things in life. Anyways, I could not express my love to that girl. Now after so many years, she is a mother of kids and settled in her life.


FILMY TOWN: What would happen if you come face to face with that girl now?

HUSEYIN TABAK: (Smiles) I came across that girl, just recently after the completion of this film. She is now a beautiful woman. When we met, I told her that this is my story when we were in school, and the girl student is her.

What was her reaction to it?

HUSEYIN TABAK: She just smiled…




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