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Jugaad – movie review

Hilarious take on the infamous sealing drive by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi


Jugaad, movie review

Jugaad, a film based on a real life incident is a hilarious take on the infamous sealing drive by the Municipal Corporation (MCD) that rocked New Delhi in 2007-08. The film is set entirely in Delhi and is shot at actual locations to lend authenticity to the proceedings. The victim – CEO of an ad agency owner has no way out of the impasse and thus tries to overcome it by resorting to temporary settlement is what we call ‘jugaad’.

This happened to many families who were victimized by this drive and even won public sympathy even though they had entered into unauthorized constructions. Everyone wondered as to why the authorities let it happen before their eyes. Apparently, they were a party to it, they alleged.

Sandip Kapur (Manoj Bajpai), heads a successful advertising agency, which unexpectedly is sealed by MCD. Desperately wanting to re-establish his agency, Sandip opts for ‘Jugaadbaazi’, a technique that people, today, believe in more than anything else. As such, many new characters like property dealers, power brokers, politicians and senior officers come into play. They also bring hilarity and open out the story of such a life style really existing in the capital.

Since this kind of jugaad isn’t new and has been happening with the people of Delhi for decades, they have learnt the never-say-die attitude in their life. Thus, the movie takes a comic turn from here.

After losing his workplace, Sandiip is in deep trouble. This is when Bakshi Jugaadu (Sanjay Mishra) comes into the picture. He does some ‘jugaad’ and gets a new office for him.

Sandiip’s close friend and VP of the ad agency, Murali (Vijay Raaz) is just influenced by the idea of ‘jugaad’. He feels that to get things done in a city like Delhi, Jugaad is possibly the best way. But Sandiip thinks otherwise and believes that hard work and a little luck can achieve much more.

The film Jugaad narrates the hero’s patience and the amount of Jugaad (trickery and connections) that is required to re-establish his agency from the scratch.

Manoj Bajpai once again, proves that he is a versatile actor, here in a comic role. Other funny characters Vijay Raaz and Sanjay Mishra add more fun. Hrishita Bhatt has a limited role, and is okay in her part.

Jugaad somewhat succeeds in exposing the cause of sufferers by drawing the public attention in a hilarious way.

The film has unreal song – dance sequences and hot item numbers, more so since it is based on real life incidents. Then is it to draw the audience? A satirical comedy, the film portrays a never-say-die attitude of the Delhiites.

Cast of Jugaad:
Manoj Bajpai – Sandiip
Hrishitaa Bhatt – Priya
Vijay Raaz – Murali
Sanjay Mishra – Bakshi Jugaadu
Akshat Kumar – Child Artiste
Govind Namdeo – Commissioner Gupta
Nitin Arora – Photographer Ronnie
Mushtaq Khan
Abhay Puniani

Credits & Crew of Jugaad:
Banner – Promodome Films
Producers – Sandiip Kapur
Director – R. Anand Kumar
Music Director – Sachin Gupta
Concept & Story – Sandeep Kapur
Screenplay / Dialogue – Bunty Rathore, Priyaank Dube
Lyrics – Sameer
Director of Photography – Prem Anand
Playback Singers – Krishna, Neeraj Sridhar, Mika, Richa Sharma, Adeel
Film Editor – Sanjay Sankla
Sound – M. Riaz
Background Score – Raju Rao
Choreography – Vishnu, Jayesh Pradhan
Art Director – Samridhi Katyal
Jugaad, movie review