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Jo Hum Chahein – movie review

Ex-Miss India Universe Simran Kaur Mundi’s bollywood debut film


Jo Hum Chahein - movie review

Jo Hum Chahein is Sunny Gill and ex-Miss India Universe Simran Kaur Mundi’s bollywood debut film.

It is a young, ambitious film about today’s generation and depicts exactly about today’s youth who are wanting everything quickly. They do not think what is right or wrong in life, but just want fast cars, fast girls, fast money, and a lot of money and they want it today itself. Sunny Gill’s character is that of an ambitious guy who is least bothered about what is ethically right or wrong for him. Rohan Bhatia has no boundaries as he can go to any length to make money.

This coming of age film, Jo Hum Chahein is the story of Rohan Bhatia (Sunny Gill) and Neha Kapoor (Simran Kaur Mundi), two young, hip, effervescent individuals whose lives change forever once they meet and fall in love.
Rohan is a brash, cocky, ambitious, 24 year old MBA graduate who wants instant success and he’ll do anything to make that come true!

Rohan moves to Mumbai to pursue a career as a stockbroker where he meets Neha, a no-nonsense, strong headed girl who’s come to Mumbai to follow her dreams, the dream of becoming a film actor.

Neha is someone who believes in love, but hasn’t given any guy a chance because no one measures up to her standards of Mr. Right. That’s until Rohan comes along and her life changes completely.

Jo Hum Chahein is the journey about two people. Neha comes to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams and then she meets Sunny who is exactly the kind of boy she hates. Sunny aggressively pursues her and finally she gives in and they fall in love.

Neha has her own dreams and aspirations as a model and wants to become an actor. She is very clear in her head; she knows exactly what she wants and is very level headed. She is not ready to compromise and wants to take the right way.

Both of them have different wants, desires and quests but they manage to come together and go on a journey that intertwines their personal and professional lives where they touch the peaks of love, loss, despair, longing, betrayal and redemption.

The director Pawan Gill was a first assistant director to Aditya Chopra on Neal ‘N’ Nikki and also worked on TV commercials before. It is a sincere attempt by the director about the love story and then the problems and struggles of Gen X couple. It has an unexpected twist midway through the film.

There are fine performances from Sunny Gill and Simran Kaur Mundi in this breezy Gen X love story Jo Hum Chahein.

Cast of Jo Hum Chahein:
Sunny Gill – Rohan Bhatia
Simran Kaur Mundi – Neha Kapoor
Alyy Khan – Vikram Khurana
Achint Kaur – Amrita Singhania
Mansi Multani – Shivangi
Samar Virmani – Abhay
Yuri Suri
Ritwik Dhanjani

Credits & Crew of Jo Hum Chahein:
Director: Pawan Gill
Producer: Aman Gill
Music Director: Sachin Gupta
Story Writer – Pawan Gill
Background Music – Sachin Gupta
Choreographer – Aadil Shaikh
Costume Designer – Priyanjali Lahiri
Co Producers – Kuldeep Rathore
Lyricist – Kumaar
Editor – Bakul Matiyani
Cinematography – Manush Nandan
Dialogue – Rashmi Kulkarni
Sound – Nimish Chheda
Jo Hum Chahein – movie review