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Janiva – Marathi Film review

An inspiring Film for the young generation


Janiva - Marathi film review

Mahesh Manjrekar’s son Satya makes his debut in Janiva, a thriller drama Marathi film.

Janiva, which means realization, is a story of a young boy, Sameer Deshpande (Satya Manjrekar), who is very sensitive and believes in working for charities and helping others.

The film begins with Sameer, a teenaged college boy reporting of a murder at a Police station.

Without any regrets, the cool headed lad informs the duty Inspector that he has committed the murder himself.

Then the film goes into flashback and goes on back and forth narrating the chain of events why this young lad had to take this extreme step.

Five teenagers lead a fun filled life, celebrating birthdays, frolicking around sometimes on their skate-boards. This bunch of five is a fun loving group owns a rock band who spreads social awareness through their new lingo songs and also raises fund for various social cause and with the help of social media like facebook, twitter and youtube and other web technology they make sure that the fund raised by them reaches the right people with any corrupt interference.

It is a compelling, profound and complex story of a teenager Sameer Deshpande, the protagonist who is progressive-thinking, creative, tech-savvy, yet socially responsible.

He upholds age-old values like honesty, integrity and uprightness.

There is thrill and adventure which is inbuilt in the film and then there happens an injustice towards a victim on a social networking platform and Sameer’s life takes an intriguing turn. This leads him to think about the difference between justice and injustice and thus he takes a call to challenge the system in his own way noticing the fault is in system itself.

This lad realises the reality of the system he is a part of, which changes his life forever. The injustice done to Asawari Patil, a rape victim and the condition she is in makes his question the system we are a part of where the culprit roams free spirited and the victim suffers in a vegetative condition with an end to her life.

He takes the situation in his hands and fight for the famous battle of justice Vs injustice, right Vs wrong. Will he be punished for his actions? Is being sensitive really a crime in today’s world ?

Angel’s Production & Blue Eye Productions’ film – “Janiva” is produced by Milind Vishnu, Arvind Kumar, Reshma Vishnu and actor Srman Jain. Directed by Rajesh Ranshinge the film has fresh talent in the likes of Satya Manjrekar and his team of college friends.

Though somewhat dragging in the second half, yet it has enthralling performances by Renuka Shahane and Kishore Kadam who play the game of one-up-manship in the court room.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Satya Manjrekar as Sameer Deshpande
Vaibhavi Shandilya as Aboli
Anuradha Mukherjee
Devdutta Dani
Sanket Agarwal
Renuka Shahane as Sameer’s lawyer
Kishore Kadam as Public Prosecutor
Kiran Karmarkar as Sameer’s father
Indira Krishnan as Sameer’s mother
Usha Nadkari
Special appearance by Mahesh Manjrekar
Presented by Angel’s Production & Blue Eye Productions
Produced by Milind Vishnu, Arvind Kumar, Reshma Vishnu and Srman Jain
Directed by Rajesh Ranshinge


Janiva – Marathi Film review

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