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Jai Veeru – movie review

Friends Forever !


Jai Veeru, movie review

Jai Veeru’s narrative has some resemblance to the Hollywood hits – 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour and even apna Jackie Shroff – Anil Kapoor starrer ‘Andar Bahar’.

Fardeen Khan and Kunal Khemu star in the hilarious saga of a cop, a crook and a beautiful friendship gone sour in Jai Veeru.

Jai ( Fardeen Khan ) is an undercover cop pretending as a motor mechanic to trace down a ruthless gangster Tejpal (Arbaaz Khan).

There is a petty thief Veeru ( Kunal Khemu ) who steals cars and works for this gangster. Tejpal is on the hit list of criminals of the Police Force. He is into brutal killings, fake currency rackets, and is a cold-blooded criminal.

Veeru hits on a girl at a club and in an attempt to impress her, he falls in trouble with her four brothers. Jai saves him from the hefty men, and this is the beginning of a thick bond of friendship between them. They sing and dance and steal together.

But when Veeru comes to know that Jai is a cop, he feels betrayed and shoots Jai and flees. Even as Jai miraculously survives, Veeru grapples with his troubled conscience. On top of it Veeru is hounded both by cops and his gangster boss Tejpal, whose diary of secret he has.

Once inseparable pals, Jai and Veeru find themselves on opposite sides of the law, each feeling betrayed by the other.

Tejpal the gangster is the only person who hates Jai-Veeru more then they hate each other and want s to kill both of them and put them six feet under! Tejpal has got his side kicks to do the dirty work. Well, these chaps they neither appear fearsome nor comical.

Now, through a strange twist of fate, Jai and Veeru are to run together. With a little luck, the boys might jus get out of this one alive if they don’t kill each other first!

Will they survive? Will their Friendship Survive?

Jai Veeru’s director Puneet Sira seems a bit off track with his futile attempts to stuff in comedy, action, emotions, romance et al…in this mindless story which lags in pace in between. The film neither has good action nor good comedy as Fardeen Khan is miscast as an action hero while Kunal Khemu is just mediocre in his role as a funny guy.

Fardeen Khan works hard in his performance. Kunal Khemu comes with a lackluster performance. Dia Mirza and Anjana Sukhani the two girls are just eye candies and have no substantial presence or any important part throughout the film. Arbaaz Khan is okay in his part.

The very least the movie could have done is to have avoided the obvious reference to the immortal bond of friendship.

Okay, its got some funny scenes now and then, and some of the songs are worth a while watch. A noteworthy track ‘Tenu Leke’ and ‘Sufi’ stand out. Cinematography is above average.

Cast of Jai Veeru:
Jai – Fardeen Khan
Veeru – Kunal Khemu
Anna – Diya Mirza
Divya – Anjana Sukhani
Tejpal – Arbaaz Khan
Rajesh Khattar

Credits & Crew of Jai Veeru:
Banner: Siddhi Vinayak Movies
Presenter: Venus Pictures
Producer: Shyam Bajaj
Directed by Puneet Sira
Music Director: Bappi Lahiri
Lyricists: Sameer, Omar Inayat
Cinematography by K. Raj Kumar
Visual Effects – Muthu Stalin
Screenplay Writer – Vekeana Dhillon
Co-Producer : Varun Bajaj
Creative Producer : Narendra Bajaj
Art Director : Chokas Bharadwaj
Action Director : Allan Amin
Playback Singers: Javed Ali, Tulsi Kumar, Mika Singh, Raja Hasan, Hard Kaur, Rema Lahiri, Mouli Dave, Saim, Omar Inayat
Jai Veeru, movie review