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Horror Story – Bollywood film review

Spookiest film of the year


A group of seven young friends decides to spend a night at the seemingly haunted hotel, The Grandiose. Horror Story Bollywood movie review…

Vikram Bhatt has written the screenplay of this spooky fare, which is directed by Ayush Raina. This one has quite a few spine chilling moments. Yes, and thankfully, it is devoid of any songs and skin show.
After many years, friends from their college days come together to celebrate one of them who is leaving for abroad to pursue his career. One could say that it could be a reunion evening for them. However, instead of partying all night, it turns out to be and experience of something never thought of.

It all begins with a news announcement on television in a pub that caught the attention of this group, and they decide to check out a hotel that was believed to be haunted.

Seven youngsters who don’t believe in the paranormal, decide to have some fun. But it turns out to be to be the most horrendous night of their life… rather, the last night of their life!

But what starts as an outing of fun and adventure in the empty, deserted and run-down hotel, soon turns terrifying when one friend is killed under mysterious circumstances. After the death, the remaining six friends realize that they are trapped inside the hotel inhabited by a ghost. Their mobile phones also stop working.

A nice thing about this horror film is that it is limited to just one and half hours, specifically focusing on the seven youngsters and a haunted hotel.

One by one, more friends keep getting murdered gruesomely. Every murder takes the remaining friends to the brink of despair but they try their best to remain together and escape. Are they successful? Do the friends, who are alive, manage to outwit the ghost? Or do they all die one after another?

Horror Story succeeds in scaring the audience with some of them screaming on scary moments. It is the background score which intensifies the eerie feeling. The usual formula of a high-pitched musical note suddenly breaking the eerie silence is used effectively on several situations.

Performance for the new cast is decent enough for their first film. Karan Kundra as Neil, Ravish Desai as Mangesh, Hassan Zaidi as Samrat and Nishant Malkani as Achint appear comfortable and confident in their performances. The girls Nandini Vaid, Aparna Bajpai and Radhika Menon too, do a fine job.

Overall, HORROR STORY really scares and provides chills and thrills for which the credit ought to be given to the director and the special effects team.

Cast of Horror Story:
Karan Kundra as Neil
Ravish Desai as Mangesh
Hasan Zaidi as Samrat
Radhika Menon as Neena
Nishant Malkani as Achint
Aparna Bajpai as Maggie
Nandini Vaid as Sonia
Sheetal Singh


Credits of Horror Story:
Banner – ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Story – Vikram Bhatt, Mohan Azaad
Presented by Vikram Bhatt
Director – Ayush Raina
Screenplay – Vikram Bhatt

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