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Ghatothkach – movie review

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Ghatothkach, movie review

An animation film on Bheema’s son – Ghatothkach.

The director informs you right at the beginning that he’s taken few liberties with the story in the name of presenting a picture which makes it visually entertaining.

One of the most ignored figures in mythology is Ghatothkach. Despite being a half blue-blood, this good-hearted son of the Pandava Prince Bheema and the Rakshasi (Demon) Hidimba never got the recognition or credits, especially, being the son of a powerful father. But when duty beckoned Ghatothkach sacrificed himself willingly at the great battlefield of Mahabharata like a valiant hero.

Ghatothkach, lovingly called “Ghattu” is the prince of the forest and is blessed with extra-ordinary powers. He has loads of fun with his magical powers, but also uses them to protect everyone around him.

As a five year old, he rescues “Gajju” – a baby elephant which leads to a lifelong friendship.

The film is the journey of a prince and his elephant friend – full of magic, fun and adventure. When challenged by evil forces that are out to destroy him and to stop him from fulfilling his destiny, Ghattu and Gajju form an invincible team to fight them. Together, they unite two soul mates – against all odds, in their own unique funny way.

It is nice to see an animation in Ghatothkach’s honour – who is a not-too-often-mentioned personality, and it is who especially went against his rakhsas nature epitomizing heroic virtue and scrupulous devotion.

Singeetam Srinivasa Rao has directed some memorable films like “Pushpak” which was genuinely hilarious, and another comedy drama starring Kamala Hassan – “Appu Raja”. His last animated film was “Son of Alladin”, and with Ghatothkach, he is set to elevate the Indian Animation Industry.

Director Singeetam Sreenivasa Rao’s compositions are incredibly catchy like Main hoon Ghatothkach and Aao na aa jaana.

In the making of Ghatothkach, the film – 48 Camera Motion Capture Technology is used for the first time in Asia at Mobility Art Studio, India

The film Ghatothkach is an international collaboration of six countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Philippines and India. This movie is co-produced by Shemaroo Entertainment and Sun Animatics. Children would enjoy the film, so would the adults.

CREDITS of Ghatothkach:
Presenters- Shemaroo Entertainemt in association with Astute Media Vision
Producers – Smita Maroo & Pankaj Sharma
Director – Pankaj Sharma
Music – Shamir Tandon & Sanjay Dhakan
Lyrics – Rajendra Mehra, Vibha Singh, Shabbir Ahmed
Singers – Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar, Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan, Kailash Kher, Siddhant S. Bhosle.
Ghatothkach, movie review