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Game – movie review

It's not over, till its over


Game, movie review

Game is a hindi film, a stylish action thriller and is shot at locations in Bangkok (Thailand), Greece, Istanbul (Turkey), Mumbai and London.

Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher) is a billionaire tycoon who leads a reclusive life at his private island in the beautiful Samos in Greece. He invites four different people to be his guests in his palatial house on the island. Game movie review…

Neil Menon (Abhiskhek Bachan) is a night club owner and in trouble with the mafia in Istanbul, Turkey. Vikram Kapoor (Jimmy Sherghill) plays the film star in the movie, is guilty of killing a girl in an accident. O.P. Ramsay (Boman Irani) is a corrupt politician who runs all the wrong businesses in Thailand and Tisha Khanna (Shahana Goswami) is an alcoholic reporter whose professional career is leading to nowhere.

All of these four protagonists are in trouble and as Kabir Malhotra promises a solution to their problems they accept the invitation to visit his island in Greece on a particular date.

They don’t know each other and they do not know him… Kabir Malhotra.
By the next morning they will wish they had never come.

Kabir Malhotra now announces his game. A game in which apparently he has a score to settle with each one of them.

Kabir Malhotra reveals why he has invited only them and what he plans to do with them. Regrettably it does not go according to his plans and Kabir Malhotra is found dead the next morning. It is deduced as a plain suicide and appeared as an open and shut case of suicide.

But the smart police officer Sia Agnihotri (Kangana Ranaut) investigates the mysterious death of the tycoon. This ever observant police officer smells that something is fishy and take a special interest in the case and in the process of getting to the bottom of the case, there are a few unexpected twists in the movie.

The senior Police officers in London repeatedly stop Officer Sia Agnihotri from going deep into the investigation of this mystifying case and so she is even more desperate to crack it. One of the suspected protagonists helps her in the case to find the real accused.

Everyone is a Suspect, and every suspect has a motive.

Game – It’s not over till its over.

Who is the murderer and what was his/her intention forms the twist in the climax?

Game is a whodunit tale spanning 5 international cities. It is a slick edge-of-the-seat crime thriller with twists and turns involving love, revenge, retribution and good old-fashioned murder.

Cinematographer Katrhik Vijay has beautifully captured the enchanting beauty sea sides of Samos in Greece, and the locales of Bangkok, Turkey, London and India.

We have high production values and some unexpected twists and turns in the story. Abhishek is just okay as a debonair city slicker. Kangana Ranaut and Jimmy Shergill are over the top. Boman Irani and Anupam Kher are excellent. Shahana Goswami is brilliant, even as the debutante Sarah Jane Dias is there in well choreographed dance sequences. Notwithstanding the availability of high budget and the talented cast, Game is just an average thriller.

Cast of Game:
Abhishek Bachchan as Neil Menon
Kangna Ranuat as Sia Agnihotri
Anupam Kher as Kabir Malhotra
Sarah-Jane Dias as Maya
Jimmy Shergill as Vikram Kapoor
Shahana Goswami as Tisha Khanna
Boman Irani as OP Ramsay
Gauhar Khan as Samara Shroff
Benjamin Gilani as Mr. Khanna
Sikander Kher as Sunil Srivastav

Credits & Crew of Game:
Produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Vishal Bhardwaj
Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj
Writing credits – Matthew Robbins and Vishal Bhardwaj
Based on a story by Ruskin Bond
Original Music & Background Score by Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics – Gulzar
Cinematography – Ranjan Palit
Film Editing – Sreekar Prasad
Casting by Honey Trehan
Sound Design – P.M. Satheesh, Sajith Koyeri
Sync Sound – Sanjay Kurian
Production Design – Samir Chanda
Action – Shyam Kaushal
Costume Design by Payal Saluja
Supervising Producer – Punam Sawhney
Line Producer – Sanjeev Kumar
Associate Director – Honey Trehan, Manish Hariprasad, Vikas Mehta
Executive Producer – Ajay G. Rai
Creative Producer – Vikas Bhal
Game, movie review