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Dilli Gang – movie review

Ghar me ghuskar marenge


With its tag line ‘ghar me ghuskar marenge’ the viewer wonders if this is a gang war flick or something of a raw action film. It isn’t any of this in Dilli Gang.

Dilli Gang is the heart-rending tale of a family which is threaded apart with the twist of time and it takes a moment to realize that life is no more the same.

The story revolves round the life of a senior citizen couple Vishambhar Prasad (Darshan Jariwala) and Sujata (Neena Kulkarni) who enjoy their blissful life and who have lived the best and the worst moments of their marital world together.

There are celebrations in a beautifully decorated and well lit mansion, amidst music, feast and people, their eyes are searching for someone dear. The occasion is that its their daughter Sapna’s engagement and their son Ashish (Amir Dalvi) would be returning from Germany to be a part of the jamboree.

Ashish loves his parents dearly and is the blue-eyed boy of the doting parents. But he has settled in Germany with his wife to rise and grow as a career maker. He has come after several months to attend his sister’s engagement and the news of his early departure has made Sujata heart broken.

Sapna is happily married off and Ashish has flown back to Germany. And once again Vishambhar Prasad and Sujata dissolve in their regular life, holding each other’s hand and resting on each other’s shoulders. Sujata’s unquenched motherhood finds solace in Asif (Asif Bhasra), their driver who has been an integral part of the family and has been son-like to the elderly couple.

And as they say that if happiness is entering your door, then sorrow for sure is somewhere around the corner. Sujata’s health starts declining, medical check-up reveals that she is suffering from multiple myeloma and she would soon drift apart from Vishambhar forever.

Vishambhar doesn’t disclose the terrible news to her as he is shattered himself, broken and smashed from within. He can’t share his trauma with his son who is in Germany, as he does not want to disturb the professional growth he has achieved and the tranquility of his life. The sad news is not divulged to his daughter Sapna either as she is expecting or her mother’s deteriorating health is sure to jolt her out of her peace. So it is just Vishambhar alone who is living the horror of losing the essence of his life soon and his grief-stricken mind finds no rest. It is only Asif who offers a shoulder to him each time he trips and falls.

For the first time in his life Vishambhar feels lonely. There is no dear one close to him. He breaks down when he is all alone in a park as he realizes the dreadful truth that is heading towards him.

It is only then that he spotted by Mahesh who has come to the park with his lady love. Mahesh and his gang of three other men are, what you may say, epitome of ruthless criminal psyche. They target rich elderly people who live alone and away from their children, and loot them and kill them. And now it is Vishambhar Prasad who has fallen prey to their nefarious plot.

And then one day, fate takes its most ugly turn. Sujata’s health gives up and she passes away leaving behind a broken and grief-stricken Vishambhar Alone. Then enters Mahesh with the other three men and brutally brings to an end the life and sorrow of Vishambhar as well.

Ashish flies down from Germany on hearing the news of his parent’s death. His guilt gets heavy on his heart as he realizes that he could not give the required time to his parents when they needed him the most. The past floats in front of him. Where was he when his was breathing her last? The guilt of a son gets highlighted as he fails to bring back those days that he spent with his parents and feel defeated trying hard to make up for his lost time.

Dilli Gang takes you back to your own days with your parents and jolt you out of your complacency only to make you realize that perhaps your family needs you more than your career and your wealthy future on an alien land.

Credits & Crew:
Banner: Radha Creations
Director: Ashish Tyagi
Producer: Rajeshwar Tyagi & Radha Tyagi
Co-producer: Arshad Siddiqui, Gaurav Sharma & Shweta Tyagi
Music Director: Amjad Nadeem, Siddhant Madhav, Sandeep Surya
Lyrics: Ibrahim Ashq, Vikram Chaudhary, Naveen Tyagi
Film Editor: Mansoor Azmi
Sound: Rapa Shukla Ahire, Ameet Ahire
Music On: Worldwide Records

Cast and Name of the character
Darshan Jariwala as Vishambhar Dass Businessman – a victim of Dilli Gang
Neena Kulkarni as Sujata Vishambhar Dass’s Wife
Amir Dalvi as Ashish Vishambhar Dass’s Son
Asif Bhasra as Asif Vishambhar Dass’s Son
Yashpal Sharma as Rajeshwar Tyagi Senior Cop (S.H.O)
Asrani as Dr. Kapoor Vishambhar Dass’s Friend & Family Doctor
Asif Ali Raja as Member of Dilli Gang
Gopal Mahesh as Member of Dilli Gang
Imran Deepak as Member Of Dilli Gang
Javed Chottu as Member Of Dilli Gang