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The Wonder Lover Boy in Bollywood – singer, dancer and actor AJ aka Amit Jadav

Amit Jadav the wonder lover boy in Bollywood

Amit Jadav is the only artist who sings and dances in precise sync with the other dancers on the LED screen in the backdrop in a live performance. This never seen before act was performed in an electrifying weekend evening at an auditorium in South Mumbai as the Musical & Dancing Sensation AJ aka Amit Jadav held the audience captivated all throughout his performances.

“I owe my success to my father who was an artist and the years of perseverance and hard work that included identifying several loopholes and my faults that needed to be rectified. I have readied myself to unleash the other hidden talent that of acting and my fans will soon see me as an actor too,” says AJ while speaking to Paresh B Mehta.

“Also, Sonu Nigam heartily inspired me to pursue further and the Shahenshah of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan who blessed me after watching my performance,” he added.

How far can a father go… for his daughter’s happiness?

Singing and dancing was splendidly blended with technology by this wonder-boy AJ Amit Jadav who humbly credits his success on the inspiration he derived from the Pop Icon MJ (Michael Jackson).

In one of the special acts, AJ used the LED backdrop during his ‘Double Role’ item where AJ perfectly synchronized his movements to perfection in this particular item elicited a standing ovation from the family audience that also had several corporate executives cheering each of his movements. “This is the toughest concept of all my performances,” says AJ.

It was AJ’s charisma and energy that left the audience wanting for more. “It is by God’s grace and the result of hard work of several years with a focus to give equal importance to my singing as well as to my dance. There were flaws which I meticulously rectified point by point and this is the result,” revealed AJ who also received much acclaim in his performance in the ‘X Factor’ reality show and a warm hug from the Bollywood Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan who also blessed him after one of his other performances. Blessings and a special hug from Shri Amitabh Bachchanji are above any award in the world for the rising artist. Particularly from a rising artist who is not from a Bollywood family.

Other highlight of the evening was that a totally unknown couple was invited to just follow AJ’s movement on stage and for the audience it just turned out to the Spellbinding and ever-lasting romantic moments of their life of that couple. AJ has mastered this art of creating this once in a life-time romantic moment of the couples which is the most-in-demand whenever AJ performs at Wedding Ceremonies and Anniversaries among almost thousand live performances orchestrated by him.

Probably AJ is the only singer in the World who sings and dances in synchronization of the group dance that is being displayed in his backdrop. And he is one of the pioneer to come out with his double role dance performances where he and his image on LED screen are flawlessly accurate.

When asked if he is a singer or dancer? “That is for my fans to adjudicate as I too am confused whether it is singing or dancing or acting that is my forte. By the say, I have also successfully completed a course in acting,” was the reply.

The hidden talent of acting is just awaiting its peaking point and that would fetch AJ as the International Singing, Dancing and Acting wonder boy.

The Wonder Lover Boy!

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