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CLUB DANCER – Hindi movie review

A musical-action thriller


Club Dancer, hindi movie

Rajbeer Singh (Hatim star), Judi Shekoni of ‘Twilight’ fame and the doe eyed Nisha Mavani feature in CLUB DANCER, an action thriller. The premise is honest, let down by the story telling and the editing.

Judi Shekoni of the Hollywood super hit TWILIGHT fame is here for a few “spellbinding” moments. Nisha Mavani and Rajbeer Singh (enacted the title role in HATIM) the film comes from one of the oldest banners FILMALAYA which made the evergreen superhit films like Dil Deke Dekho, Ek Musafir Ek Hasina, Love in Simla, Leader, Ek Baar Muskura Do and Teesri Aankh to name a few.

Ria (Nisha Mavani), a vivacious night club dancer in Mumbai is aware of her parents concern (Shakti Kapoor and Zarina Wahab) for her and hence she has concocted a story that she has already married a young man in Mumbai and is a house wife.

One day her mother calls her informing her of her father’s heart attack and hence they have to reach Mumbai for further medical treatment. Ria finds herself in a logjam and is on the lookout for a husband to suffice her ailing father. Incidentaly, she comes in contact with a dreaded killer Monty (Rajbeer Singh), who has assasinated the chief Minister. Monty is on the run and needs a temperory shelter to hoodwink the pursuing cops. They both come to a tacit understanding. She will provide him shelter at her home provided he plays the role of her husband.

The deception worth for a while but prior to her father’s heart surgery, Monty disappears into the area, leaving behind a vole of desperation and anxiety but providence comes to her rescue in the film of a young educated man by the name of Amit (Rajbeer Singh) who has an uncanny physical resemblance to Monty, minus the beard and moustache.

After hearing Ria’s story, the young man agrees to replace Monty as her husband lookalike and the deception worth to her advantage. Amit’s congenial behaviour and amiable disposition was the heart of Ria’s parents and unknowingly and unwittingly, Ria falls in love with him, without the latter’s awareness.

Soon her parents leave for Patiala and Amit collects his money and leaves for his native place Goa, leaving behind a crestfallen and flummoxed Ria.

She decides to quit dancing for good and start a new life when suddenly Amit appears on the horizon,with a preposterous proposal that stuns her.

Club Dancer has a strong dose of action and the highlight is the rambo image of Rajbeer Singh, new find Nisha Mavani is good and she follows the Asha Parekh school of acting, still requiring polishing to her talents.

Aryan vaid and Shakti Kapoor are good. At certain moments, the camerawork by Ravikant Reddy is impressive, and musically, Varindar Vizz scores very well in dancing as well as composing the song Patiala peg which oughtto rock Punjab and Delhi and the North.

Club Dancer has some firsts to its credit. The iconic Sashadhar Mukherjee’s son Shubir Mukerji launches yet another fresh romantic pair of Rajbeer Singh and Nisha Mavani apart from marking the Bollywood debut of Hollywood actress Judi Shekoni.

Rajbeer Singh is in a double role. Has the looks and is touted as India’s version of Sylvester Stallone.

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Rajbeer Singh
Nisha Mavani
Judi Shekoni
Shakti Kapoor
Zarina Wahab
Aryan Vaid
Karishma Bhandari

Banner: Film Magic Productions
Producer: Shubir Mukerji
Director: B. Prasad
Music: Sanjoy Bose, Varinder Vizz
Singers: Amit Kumar, Sunidhi Chauhan, Varinder Vizz, Diksha
DoP: Ravikant Reddy
Action: Riaz
Editor: Vikas
PRO: Mohan Ayyer, S.K. Dey
Club Dancer, hindi movie