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BHO BHO – Marathi movie review

A private detective's adventure with man's best friend


Bho Bho, Marathi film review

Vyankatesh Bhonde, an ex-policeman turned private detective is also an animal lover in the Marathi film BHO BHO.

Marathi Cinema has made rapid strides in the recent times in the genres of drama, action and historical films.
Here is an original character that of Vyankatesh Bhonde, a middle aged man living in the Mumbai chawls. Being an ex-policeman and still residing in a chawl speaks of his integrity. But what the story unfolds subsequently is that this middle-aged guy is an animal lover too.

We have a locked flat and the police are here to investigate a murder. They hear a dog’s bark from inside the locked flat, which when opened reveals a woman lying in a pool of blood and calmly sitting besides her is her pet dog.

The police gather some evidences and then they decide that it is the case of a pet dog losing its sanity and attacking its owner and tearing her apart.

Sandy, the dog is taken to the pet hospital and kept under observation, while the man-next-door Vyankatesh Bhonde instinctively feels something amiss and takes the initiative to investigate the dead lady’s husband and her brother in law.

It begins well, proceeds adequately in a tightly shot and editied mid-way, but toward the climax, the film loses steam.

One really feels for the dog, and more so for our friendly private investigator who lives with his wife (having just lost his daughter).

Prashant Damle is perfectly cast as the portly middle aged detective. While Subodh Bhave and Saurabh Gokhale come up with a pleasantly impressive performance.

Anuga Satha is too loud as the sister in law.

Over and out… its a Prashant Damle’s film BHO BHO. A decent attempt!

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS of BHO BHO:

Prashant Damle – Venkatesh Bhonde
Ashwini Ekbote – Kaveri Bhonde
Subodh Bhave – Vinayak Bhandarkar
Saurabh Gokhale – Vikram Bhandarkar
Sharadh Ponkshe – Dr. Dalvi
Ketki Chitale – Dr. Neha
Sanjay Mone – Detective PD
Kishore Chougule – Tanavade
Anuja Sathe – Smita Bhandarkar
Samir Vijayan – Inspector Mane
Pramod Pawar – Senior Police Officer
Pradeep Patvardhan – Vinayak Vakil
Shailesh Datar – Veterinary Doctor
Udayan Nene – Insurance Lawyer
Rajan Bhise – Insurance Officer
Vandana Vaknis – Vinayak’s mother
Madhav Abhyankar – Vinayak’s father
Rajshri Nikam – Smita’s mother
Banner – Sumukhesh Films
Story, producer and director – Bharat Gaikwad
Screenplay – Bharat Gaikwad, Jayanta Bordoloy
Dialogue – Makarand V. Savant, Jaideep Lele, Bharat Gaikwad
DOP – Anil Chandel
Production – Mukesh Timori
Songs and Background music – Parth Bharat Thakkar
Singer – Gularaja Singh
Lyrics – Ambrish Deshpande
Art – Mukesh Jhala
Outfit – Utkarsha Dighe
VFX – Manish Kaya
Promotion Design – Priska
Publicity Design – Lokeys Studio
Creatives – Manasi Jadhav Prabhakar
Bho Bho, Marathi film review

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