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Chase – movie review

A Man On The Run. He is a murder suspect, wrongly framed.


Chase, movie review

The most impressive scene in Chase is its pulse racing start scene where the chase begins. It lasts approximately 10 minutes, and it is easily one of the best thrilling and sleek sequences ever styled for a Hindi film. Chase movie review…

In Chase, Sohail Ansari (Anuuj Saxena) plays a man on the run. He is an innocent man who is framed for a murder he hasn’t committed. It is the corrupt cops who are hand-in-glove with a wily industrialist have their own unscrupulous reasons for framing the innocent.

DIG Ranveer (Rajesh Khattar) has vested interest in getting to the bottom of a murder in which Sohail is involved. Police Inspector Siddharth (Samir Kochhar) is the right hand of the DIG, is in charge of the case and in monitoring Sohail’s actions.

A common man who accidentally happens to witness an incident that causes trouble in his life. Anuj Saxena plays a photojournalist who runs for his life from those powerful forces, but finally decides to fight back and take revenge.

The hero is badly injured and slips into a coma. He is attended by a pretty nurse Nupur Pradhan in shortest of skirts – Udita Goswami trying to bring life in the patient lying in a state of coma – the hero lying motionless all throughout her sliding and gliding over his lifeless body.

Udita plays a woman with hidden motives in Chase. She’s a siren who uses to charm and femininity to manipulate people. The other characters are Surabhee (Tarina Patel), Sohail’s love interest and industrialist Mr. Khanna (Aditya Raj Kapoor who is Shammi Kapoor’s son), for whom money can do anything in the world. Then, there is Anthony D’Costa (Gulshan Grover), who is also in search for the truth.

The hunt for the accused who is on the run takes us through the mean streets of Mumbai. The hidden truth behind the murder has the potential of exposing the entire political system. There are many highly placed people involved in this drama – Chase.

Debuting with a thriller Anuj Saxena makes an impression. He has accomplished all the stunts by himself, which includes doing some really dare-devil action sequences, but needs to work hard at acting. Udita Goswami the hot, sexy nurse does it very credibly, while Tarina Patel Anuuj’s love interest in the film hasn’t much to do.

Gulshan Grover in a cameo is okay, but it is the talented Rajesh Khattar who infuses life in his part.

Samir Kochhar, has definitely improved from his Jannat days where too he is a cop. Aditya Raj Kapoor plays the shady tycoon. Cinematographer Uday Tiwari has beautifully captured colour and natural beauty in a romantic song, shot in the picturesque Kashmir.
Udita Goswami turns on the heat in a racy song “Raat Ki Saaso Mein”, Udita is seen playing a nurse who tries to seduce a patient played by her male co-star Anuj Saxena. Udita plays every trick in the book to tempt the bedridden man, but he shockingly remains unresponsive.

Short of being a slick thriller from Jagmohan Mundhra, the narration of this spy adventure chronicle Chase loses somewhere within other corrupt officials and honest investigators. Chase is hardly the kind of film that would make you rush towards theatres.

Cast of Chase:
Anuuj Saxena – Sohail Ansari
Udita Goswami – Nupur Pradhan
Rajesh Khattar – Ranveer Tyagi (D.I.G.)
Samir Kochhar – Inspector Siddharth
Aditya Raj Kapoor – Mr. Khanna
Gulshan Grover – Anthony D’Costa
Tareena Patel – Surbhee
Caterina Murino
Shweta Menon
Sanjay Mishra
Mukesh Tyagi

Credits & Crew of Chase:
Banner – Maverick Productions
Producer – Anuuj Saxena
Director – Jagmohan Mundhra
Cinematography – Uday Tiwari
Lyricist – Jalees Sherwani, Manthan
Music Director – Vijay Verma
Film Editors – Ram Singh, Prateek Panddiya
Background Music – Amar Mohile
Choreography – Raju Khan
Sound Design – Vikram Biswas, Noel D’souza
Singers – Wajid, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, Vasundhara Das
Chase, movie review