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Brahmin Brothers lay their lives against tyranny of the British Rule


Chapekar Brothers movie review

This movie brings alive the life and times of the revolutionaries who were proud of laying down their lives, fighting against the tyranny of the British rule.

It was sometime in 1896 that the seeds of the revolution were laid in the city of Pune, the land of Peshwas and the establishment of KESARI – the newspaper headed by Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak bringing a change in the mindset of people. To awake, arise and fight against injustice.

Giriva Productions’ Chapekar Brothers is a part of the history, which touches the period of the late 19th Century when Plague was prevalent amongst the inhabitants of Pune city. Agreed, that the root cause of plague is unhygienic conditions which were man-made, but instead of finding a solution or providing medical relief to the citizens of Pune, the arrogant British Commissioner W. C. Rand ordered the complete family members to evict the city in the case of any death arising due to plague in the family.

The film features Abhijit Bhagat, Sanjeet Dhuri and Manoj Bhatt as the Chapekar brothers, Indian revolutionaries involved in the 1896 assassination of the British Plague Commissioner of Pune, W C Rand.

Veteran actor Govind Namdev plays freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak who has clear cut convictions and courage to stand against the atrocities of the British Rule.

These Chapekar Brothers are Brahmins and instead of following their hereditary livelihood, the young blood choose the path to fight against the oppression of the Brits. With injustice  meted to fellow citizens and their families, they are more so keen to fight against the rule.

The film is directed by Devendar Kumar Pandey and produced by Ghanshyam Patel.

With excellent screenplay and impressive dialogues written by Dhiraj Mishra, one feels proud of watching how our ancestors could bear the injustice and opression of the Brits who ruled our country for over 200 years.

An interesting movie that shows the simplicity and innocence of these revolutionaries who do not give a second thought before laying their life for our motherland.

Though not widely known, the Chapekar Brothers played a vital role in the uprising in Pune and also their contribution to the great freedom struggle.

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Govind Namdev as Tilak
Abhijit Bhagat,
Sanjeet Dhuri
Manoj Bhatt
Produced by Ghanshyam Patel
Director: Devendar Kumar Pandey
Story, Screenplay, dialogues – Dhiraj Mishra

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