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Bird Idol – movie review

Pankh Uthao... Shhhor Machaao!!


Bird Idol, movie review

It is nice to see Bollywood maturing with innovative concepts, exploring into new techniques of animation films. A new animated hindi film – Bird Idol is the story of a group of birds in Mumbai. Bird Idol movie review…

The movie is targeted towards the kids and even the youth. Produced by Jyotin Goel and Dev Goel and directed by Jyotin Goel who creates a fantasy world where the birds of Mumbai are as human as the Mumbaikars themselves.

BIRD IDOL is a stylish film that it talks about the current times of cell phones and where reality shows are the way of life. It’s not just the human beings who are crazy about these things, but also the birds.

The film is principally, aimed at the kids, but this story featuring birds, is very Bollywoodish. It has all the ingredients of a masala hindi flick – lovers eloping, parents seeing their kids winning a music-based show, a male’s love story, and then there is the crooked villain with loads of songs included in the process of story telling.

Birds are shown living, working, and even behaving just like human beings. They do all things that a person does. They even go on date, school etc. So there is also a special reality TV Show also that is called Bird Idol. This reality TV show is very popular amongst the birds.

The protagonist of this toon film Bird Idol is a bird called “Hummiy”. There is a group of birds who are inspired by human music.

As till now the birds still played bird music for example a lot of chirps and tweets and the like. A group of four friends (Hummi, Surili, Chidi and Tuktuk) introduce a sound never heard before in the bird world – human music. This innovation is a hit among the birds and it catapults Hummi’s group to stardom overnight.

Hummy and his band participate in a musical show ‘Bird Idol’ which is designed on the lines of ‘Indian Idol’. But the judges, old-time establishment musicians, begin to lose sleep. They are threatened with the introduction of human music in the bird world. Their future now seems uncertain, to they come up with a plan to sabotage Hummy and his music before it’s too late.

The older birds also disapprove this drastic change in their customs and cultures with exposure to new technology and television shows. There is also objection by the elders to ‘inter species’ marriage amongst the bird community. Bird Idol also takes a dig on politics that happens in front of camera and behind it.

BIRD IDOL has some engaging and impressive moments in its run time of about 100 minutes. The animation quality, dubbing and special effects are top notch. It is a fine film.

It is a well made film which is not properly marketed or promoted.

Credits & Crew of Bird Idol:
Banner: Warner Bros, Goel Screencraft
Director: Jyotin Goel
Music Director – Siddharth Haldipur
Written by: Jyotin Goel, Dev Goel
Bird Idol, movie review