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Aisha – movie review

Playing Cupid is as easy as 123…


Aisha, movie review

Aisha is set in the upper class society of Delhi and it is a modern day adaption of the British novel, Emma by Jane Austen. The central character – Aisha is a girl with a simple diktat – everyone’s business is her business. Arju is a boy with even a simpler set of beliefs – Aisha should mind her own business.

Caught in the Delhi upper class world with its own set of social rules, Aisha navigates her world with a great sense of style and even greater optimism.

Welcome to Aisha’s fabulous world where playig cupid is as easy as 123… if only that Arjun would stay out of her way!

Aisha’s sister Aalia is married to Karan Burman. Karan has a young brother Arjun. So apna Arjun Burman (Abhay Deol) is Aalia’s brother-in-law. He is intelligent, articulate, mature and in essence, the perfect Jane Austen hero with no faults, but the desire to achieve perfection in all aspects of his life.

He has a strict moral code that he lives his life by. An investment banker by profession, and a Whatron alumni, Arjun has seen the world and dated various women. But he wants only one – Aisha – if only she would realize her own potential and see herself the way he sees her.

Caught in Aisha’s web are her best friend Pinky, the small town girl Shefali, the west Delhi boy Randhir and the hunk Dhruv. Aisha will make sure everyone dances to her tune. And all Arjun wants to do is disentangle that web and get Aisha out of an impending sticky mess.

Pinky Bose (Ira Dubey) Aisha’s best friend comes from a filthy rich background. She knows she isn’t very intelligent or pretty, so user her eccentric fashion sense to get attention. But she isn’t ditsy. She has a strong head on her shoulders and knows that in order to survive in this world, you have to carve your own path.

Shefali Thakur (Amrita Puri) is a young, naive, gullible, behenji from the back of beyond Bahadurgarh, Haryana. An orphan from a middle class family, she has been brought into the big city for the sole purpose of being married off by her uncle and aunt. She looks up to Aisha and takes her word as the law. She is insecure and under-confident and needs someone to just tell her she is perfectly fine. But no one does that and she just continues being Aisha’s shadow.

Arjun constantly reprimands Aisha and points out all her faults but all he really wants to do is hold her and never let her go.

The film belongs to Anil Kapoor’s sweet daughter Sonam Kapoor. She is stylish, fun and attractive. Abhay Deol is the ideal guy for her in the story. Ira Dubey and Amrita Puri are so natural, and the trio of Sonam, Ira and Amrita lights up the screen with mischief and fun.

Cyrus Sahukar as Randhir Gambhir is the typical Punjabi wimpy mamma’s boy who falls in and out of love every six months. Arunoday Singh as Dhruv is the charming, gorgeous man whom every girl would instantly have a huge crust on.

From the start itself, Aisha is a cheerful chick flick with fun and style all throughout. Girls just wanna have fun…

A sweet and funny love story with excellent performances.

Cast :
Sonam Kapoor – Aisha Kapoor
Abhay Deol – Arjun Burman
Cyrus Sahukar – Randhir Gambhir
Ira Dubey – Pinky Bose
Amrita Puri – Shefali Thakur
Lisa Haydon – Aarti Menon
Arunoday Singh – Dhruv Sinha
Anand Tiwari – Saurabh Lamba
Vidushi Mehra – Aalia Kapoor / Burman
Sameer Malhotra – Karan Burman
Anooradha Patel – Chitra Kanwar/Singh
Yuri – Col. Singh
M.K. Raina – Mr Kapoor
Masood Akhtar – Sant Ram

Directed by Rajshree Ojha
Produced by Anil Kapoor, Ajay Bijli, Rhea Kapoor, Sanjeev Bijli
Written by & Screenplay – Devika Bhagat
Based on the novel ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen
Dialogues – Ritu Bhatia, Manu Rishi, Manurishi Chaddha
Associate Director – Karan Boolani
Music – Amit Trivedi
Lyrics – Javed Akhtar
Director of Photography – Diego Rodriguez
Editing by Sreekar Prasad
Executive Producer – Manoj Mittra
Line Producer – Tarlok Singh
Production Design – Shruti Gupte
Sound Design – Manas Choudhary
Costume Design – Pernia Qureshi, Kunal Rawal
Make Up – Namrata Soni
Hair Dressup – Ity Aggarwal
Choreography – Ashley Lobo, Terrence Lewis, Firoz, Karan Boolani
Casting – Amita Sehgal
Studio – Filmistan
Distributed by Anil Kapoor Film Company, PVR Pictures
Aisha, movie review